ÉA's Official Dáil Listings (Feb '13)

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February 24, 2013

Hello eIreland,

Dáil elections are upon us, and it's time again for our citizen's to vote for a party in support of their congress candidates. Without further ado, I'm pleased present Éire Aonair's February '13 Dáil Listings.

ÉA Dáil Listings

Selection System

In light of the recent merger between Éire Aonair and Saoirse, a council with two members from each former party determined the placements of congress hopefuls. The ratings of candidates were very close, as we are fortunate to have so many qualified and knowledgable members to call on.

Thank you to everyone in ÉA who decided to run this month, if we can't find a place in Dáil for you this month I hope it wont discourage you from applying in the future, as I believe that all of our applicants would make fine representatives.

I'm happy as president of ÉA this month to be able to present so many active and experienced candidates, and I hope that the citizens of eIreland will share in my view!

Let your vote be an exercise of individual choice, a reflection of your loyalty to eIreland, and a result of the careful application of independent thought.

I encourage you to voice your support, concerns, or questions!

Ian E Coleman