Saoirse & Éire Aonair Merger

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February 11, 2013

Hello eIreland,

Today I’d like to talk to the nation about what may be a significant development in our national politics. On February 10, 2013 two parties, known as Saoirse and Eire Aonair, brought their leaders together and came to an agreement that they would merge into one party, which would continue under the name, logo, and organizational structure of Eire Aonair.

In this article we will clarify the details of the agreement that was established during this meeting, the plans of this party, and a few words on what this all means for eIreland as a whole.

The New Éire Aonair
The new Eire Aonair is the very same one that was founded on March 17, 2011. It abides by the same constitution and values, and is represented by the same name, forum, and symbol. Today though, it is better suited to serve its purpose, because it is joined by the many willing hearts and minds that served Saoirse so well. There are many benefits to these two party communities joining causes, but first let me explain how this new Éire Aonair will raise both parties into one united movement.

February/March 2013
For the first month, to ensure a smooth and equitable transition from the old Saoirse to the new Eire Aonair, a leadership team has been formed with two members from each old community.

Former Community of Saoirse: Uljanov and Shield72
Former Community of Eire Aonair: LeoDemidov and Klynn

In the transition from old to new, these four will insure that the interests of both merging groups are attended to. This arrangement will last from now until March 16, 2013 at the end of the upcoming party presidency.
It is my plan to run for the position of party president of Eire Aonair for the term of February 16 – March 15 ’13 – and those present at the meeting, which determined our merger, have approved this plan.

Going forward Eire Aonair is presented with a new opportunity to stand on its own during congress elections. Leaders old and new agree that our first priority should be creating a true meritocracy in presenting our congress offerings. We will be working hard on developing a system to guarantee a list of eIrish citizens to be proud of.
We want our organization to be active, responsible, sportsmanlike, and smart. With a bit of honest work, I’m sure we’ll be ready for our first month as a new party in no time.

Benefits of Merger
It is my sincere belief that this merger is of a profound benefit to every citizen of eIreland. I believe in the principles and foundations of Eire Aonair and in the goal of this agreement, to better represent the members of both merging communities. I also feel that our eIrish political scene will now be a more stable and fair platform for healthy politics.

Before February 10, we had seven deserving and established parties, but only five places to represent them. Today we have relieved some of that stress, and brought an entire community of ideas into the mainstream while enriching another.

We look forward to working with every party, from Independent Labour to Irish Union, to make our political scene a more united and productive endeavor. I hope that this will serve as a fresh start - to build new bridges and repair old ones under the same old spirit of cooperation and independent thought that has always been our party’s torch.

Eire Aonair looks forward to rising to the challenge of managing our values among these greater numbers, and hopes that the rest of eIreland will aid us in preserving that same fair spirit and good will.

Ian E Coleman