An Explanation

Day 1,903, 14:34 Published in Canada Canada by Venoms III

That escalated all too quickly I would say.
I believe eCanada deserves an explanation to make sense of all this.

To start it off.
Yes I have a multi

If you have took the time to compare the accounts you will notice a few things.

The biggest one being the age.

Colonel Sanders was my original account when I joined eRepublik. After about a year of use, I decided to leave the account to start fresh with a new name one that I still continue to use today.
Back in the day name changing wasn’t possible unless you bought a ton of gold, hence the multi.

11 months ago. I left eCanada. I went to Belgium for a nice visit to meet some new people. During my term there I became Minister of Defence and we went to war with the Netherlands. We had a jolly ol good time with our british friends fighting against the Netherlands. From there I went to the UK for a few months.

During that time I reactivated Sanders to keep my Canadian connections alive. Once missions started coming out I started to stockpile a lot of zooka’s/eb’s with the account for times of war. So i kept it alive joined a political party and took a peek what it looked like on the other side of the fence.

Then came the February CP elections. Rylde was running unopposed and as a gag I thought it would be fun to give Sanders a lulzy run. Little did I know that he would be the deciding factor of tomorrow's election. I wrote up a garbage CP article and somehow CW supported it. Then IPC. Then I caught word of “anyone but Rylde was being consider an actual option” which is awful to even consider.

I would say I have quite the good connection with Rolo. Known him my entire elife. Used to despise him, but a year or so ago, I have come to appreciate the man’s dedication, organization and activity in this game. He has been CP twice and tried countless other times, been in congress 25 times. He has the experience and age to tackle the job at CP. It’s just a matter of what lead will be taken.

He told me. He had be CP 3 times on his eBucket list.
To this day I’m not too sure how i feel about that.

However I will tell you this.
Lulz will be at a minimum as we focus to RW the nation and reach a deal with Spain. After that we would build up our reserves for the time being as we support Asgard. On the 14th I am going on vacation. I believe for the majority of the time I will have internet access, but the time I will be able to spend on eRepublik will be limited.

The CP is merely the Captain of the Ship. He gives orders and direction nonetheless the crew can still steer and drive the ship.

With the wipe of eCanada.
We will need a CP for unity, but not for button pushing
We will need a CP for our alliance, but again his cabinet can achieve that
...You get the point.

You can report Sanders as a multi, however I already have and the Admin have closed the ticket. I appreciate it if you wait until March 5th to do so incase something does go south.

It’s your choice tomorrow eCanada,
Only time will tell if it’s the right one.