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For as long as parties have existed within the eUnited Kingdom there have been divisions and what amount to “inter-party fighting” between what traditionally have been the top two parties with the parties below joining one side or the other whenever they feel one side or the other is right. Up until recently, the two parties who were at “war” currently sit second and sixth in the party rankings and those are The Unity Party and United Kingdom Reform Party. What perhaps is funny to most of us who remember a time where these parties clash is the notion that they are in cahoots together, deliberately working to stop the progress made by New Era and the United Kingdom Progression Party. While I’m sure it may look like that from the perspective of your average player when UKRP and TUP seem to be ganging up on NE or UKPP, it’s simply a case of agreeing on something. Even with two of the worst enemies, it’s possible that they might agree and work together for a common goal even if they do so unintentionally. It works the opposite way also. I’m sure there are many people in New Era or UKPP who’d absolutely deny they’re working together to fight TUP or UKRP yet from the perspective of the latter, it looks that way. And thus, we reach the crux of this article; If we’re to come together and stop bickering about the things that don’t matter but are actively harming the country. How are we supposed to ‘unite’ against Canada and Norway otherwise?

This article serves as a followup to Ullok’s article “Chaos or Community?” which If you missed it asked the party presidents of the top 7 parties what they thought about the whole situation. It speaks wonders that in a one on one private discussion without the input and distractions of others that every President was able to give an objective opinion on the current situation and what the reasons, they think, are standing in the way of making this good again. The only exception to that was Sir Nick Griffin who for reasons unknown to everyone but himself decided to attack other parties – though the current PP, Lancer450, is a much more sensible person so I’m sure Sir Nick’s responses were reflective of him rather than the party he served. So if there is a general consensus of what the issues are then why aren’t they addressed? One thing that needs to be realised is that no one is really trying to do anything about it. If proof was ever needed there was a common cause, Ullok’s article shows that but I most certainly guarantee that none of the new PPs will make any steps towards making amends. Sure there are individuals in each party who do not care for these disputes and others who are actually trying to fix the mess we find ourselves in, but those are unquestionably of a minority that their efforts are in vain. While there certainly is a divide in the community, and each side blaming the other for that, it’s about time we acknowledge the fact that either we enjoy this unending argument or we simply do not care enough to change it. It’s not even like one party or the other is trying to one up each other and make themselves look good by doing good work. No, what we have is two sides trying to make each other look worse than they do and that is what is making the eUK look as unattractive as it does. We’re racing each other to the bottom of the cliff and in the end, no one wins.

Whatever the reason, what can we do to change it? Well, if you read Ullok’s article and look at what the PP’s thought were “roadblocks” you’d notice that it boils down to one thing – the fact that some people do not want to work with other people. And when I say they don’t want to work together, I don’t mean that they should be talking to each other every day making pleasantries and agreeing on everything, just that they should put personal opinion behind them so that they may put the eUK first. And not just like now in times of war, the times we’re not at war too. It’s not been spoken about much in recent times but there used to be considerable want for a baby boom so that we might exponentially increase our population and become a big player on the international scene. While it may never actually happen, if it happened now there is no way we’d hold on to any decent percentage of people who would join – nobody wants to start a game knee deep in slurry and it’s not fair on the people who stay to feed them second or third hand opinions on what the other guys are like because all they’ll do is ‘grow up’ and maintain this divide.

What this all comes down to is the PPs of each party and their team. Everyone should get together and try and work out something they can all agree upon on how to behave in public so as to not degrade every debate to a he said/she said argument or otherwise just insulting one another. And I’m not talking about silly things like ‘poaching’ and things like that; I’m talking about constantly slating each other in articles, in comments and on IRC. And not only this, but it needs to be enforced on every level of the party. I’m sure there’ll be people saying “people are human, we can’t stop them!”, and you’re right about that, but there’s no reason why a party can’t distance themselves from such articles and alienate not the author, but the articles and the reasons for writing it. If people took the time to explain to these guys why it’s a bad idea to attack and insult other parties then the eUK would slowly but surely become a better place. We need to take the time to write articles saying why they should join your party and not why not to join theirs, to base criticisms on policy rather than people and attract players on your own merits! It is not the fault of either side, both have contributed to this mess we find ourselves in and now it’s down to both sides to try and pull us out.

There’s no one person to blame for this predicament, but there will be people to blame for not doing anything about it hence forth. Don’t let the next generations fall into the same trap we did!

Make the eUK a better place!

Thanks for reading, I look forward to the comments ;3