[IU] India United Congressional Hopeful Treian

Day 1,887, 08:00 Published in India Canada by Treian

Good day to you all

So it's that time of the month again, and the top 5 parties will be busy gearing up for the congress elections, and the PP's will be looking to see who's interested in helping to manage the nation for the next month.

Well this is my announcement to my PP Vigorious and to all of eIndia that I intend to run for office.

With all the negative publicity surrounding some of my friends and their departure from eIndia, I would like to say this: They tried things over here, it didn't work out, there are many reasons why and many people are at fault in this case, however they have moved on and I have chosen to stay, so I ask that you judge me for ME, for who I am and for what I do.

If I am offered a place on the IU roster and voted into office I'd like to let you all know what you can expect of me.

-I'm active in office, I discuss, put idea's forward and do what I can to try and better my country.
-I will have opinions.... Sometimes we will agree, and others we will not, however healthy debate is good. Presenting different sides to a subject offers other perspectives that we may not all think about.
-I will always try to better eIndia in any way I can.
-I will always be open and keep the public informed as to what's going on either through shouts or articles.
-I am always reachable and will listen to anything the public has to say, if you have concerns, questions, opinions, etc. I'll always listen and respond to you.

So I ask for your vote, I ask for the chance to be a part of this nations political scene and I ask for the opportunity to serve.

Thank you