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Day 1,883, 21:20 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Alright, ten days into the term! Sorry for the wait, everyone. So let's see, what the hell have I been forced into slave labor for working hard at? First, let's take a look at the term goals, shall we?

Alliance Referendum

Our alliance referendum set up for the first few days of the term was a rousing success! Not surprisingly, Canadians throughout the nation overwhelmingly supported Asgard, much to the joy of several high-ranking players. Thanks to Wilhelm Gunter for making this happen 🙂

We have since made the steps to joining Asgard~

My contract obligates me to say ASGARD FTW!!!


After a successful and productive meeting with several head honchos in Asgard, including both the Swedish and Finnish CPs and VPs, we have successfully entered a trial membership with Asgard! The two-month trial period has already been accepted by all involved governments, and we are headed in a new and glorious direction. Being in an alliance again: ain't this weird?

Asgard's official treaty here:

Treaty of the Asgard

“The test of courage comes when we are in the minority.”

Article I: General description

§1 The aim of the alliance is to strengthen the brotherhood between the member countries by giving the fate of the nations in it into their own hands. Asgard is a local alliance based on mutual interests and sense of Brotherhood.

§2 Members of the alliance pledge to defend its member countries against any and all foreign oppressors and help them in their wars.

Article II: Membership procedure

§3 Countries willing to join alliance must be proposed as a member by a member country.

§4 Country willing to join the alliance must vote for it in their congress and gain 67 % approval.

§5 Upon membership request member countries are to vote in their congresses for allowing membership and gain over 50 % approval.

$6 New member can join as trial member.

$6.1 Trial member has access to command channel but don't have right to vote there.

$6.2 To become a trial member the country needs to go through the same procedure as above mentioned.

$6.3 If a trial member wants to become a full member the procedure will be repeated again.

$6.4 Trial membership can last up to three months.

$6.5 A trial member can be kicked out before the three months have passed if all member countries congresses votes on it with over 50% approval.

$6.6 A trial member can leave the alliance if their congress votes on it with 50% approval.

Article III: Command structure

§7 Asgard is ruled by a common board of member country government officials.

§8 Alliance command channel is comprised each country’s:
Country President
Minister of Defence
Three people chosen by the President.

§9 Each full member has equal voice in alliance sayings.

§10 The alliance is represented by Country Presidents together.

§11 Member countries of the alliance sign and maintain MPPs with each other.

Article IV: Later editions to the treaty

§12 Later editions to this treaty are to be approved by 50% majority in member country congresses.


As stated before, we had alliances with the following nations at the beginning of the month:

We have since secured relations with both Sweden and Finland, our new brothers in Asgard, as well as Iran and Republic of China (Taiwan), strong nations that will further aid us in battles, as well as providing us with more options in DOs and warfare.

An India embargo has been passed, due to Canada's current stance in the Croatia vs India debacle. We will MPP Croatia as soon as possible.

Due to our need to make our MPP stack more affordable, our occupied friends Colombia, France, and Portugal will not have their MPPs renewed until further notice. It helps make room for our new MPPs, after all.

Argentina is another MPP under discussion, as their sovereignty is in serious jeopardy and we'd prefer not to have MPPs with wiped nations. We are monitoring the situation closely.

I personally made contact with Russia and China, and confirmed that we will indeed continue our MPPs with them in this coming month.

And finally, a Germark MPP that was not renewed last month for some reason (stares at Foxfire) has been restored.

So now, our MPP stack is as follows:

Colombia (will not be renewed)
Russia (to be renewed)
China (to be renewed)
France (will not be renewed)
India (embargoed)
Republic of China (Taiwan)

USA Non-Aggression Pact

I've made contact with the American CP. Unfortunately, due to the internal mess that they're forced to deal with at the moment, they haven't been able to commit to any sort of NAP or land swap with us. They have hinted, however, that the chances of looking to us for a war are slim to none, which is always nice 🙂

And now, the relatively new story...

War with UK

The Brits declared war on Norway, a small nation that, while not part of Asgard, is considered to essentially be an honorary member by many Swedes and Finns. With such strong relations between Norway and Asgard, and Canada's deep love of fighting the Brits, war were declared, as Zoidberg would say. This war is to both show our loyalty to Asgard and to protect Norway, as well as kicking Britain's teeth in. We have also made the commitment of MPPing Norway despite their relatively small population as a gesture of friendship and joint cooperation against our common enemy.

Die Brits die! 😃

Ermm...is that it? Lemme know if I forgot anything 🙂

Until next time, take care!

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