[Beta] My Cabinet!

Day 1,873, 07:06 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

Hello and welcome to the final article for the Presidential race! Do not worry though, this isn’t a long article. This is just the announcement of my cabinet! So without further to do, here’s the team.

In the position of Minister of Education we have two people, one of which is a completely new face and the other who is rather new to the job and impressed me with his articles so far. So in the MoE we have;

Joshua Whelan & Zaphod Beeblebrox IV

In the sister ministry, the Ministry of Health we have another person who’s done well over the last term and I hope can do even better the next! So in the MoH we have;

Aces Man

On the congressional side of things, the guy I have chosen has done a pretty good job so far in making congress more in game centred and this can only be a good thing for the Ministry of Legislative Affairs. Hopefully he can carry on and improve it more so. So in the MoLA we have;

Sage Goku

On the war front I have two ministers yet again. Both of these guys are capable and active, which is perfect for the Ministry of Defence. Even better, one of them is quite good at making helpful bots! So in the MoD we have;

FragUK & Madaconian

One of the most important roles this month is going to be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So when choosing who was going to take the job, I made sure my choices were two guys I like and trust and who I think are pretty likeable across the board. With the support of Talon Karrde and Thomas765, in the MoFA we have;

5Butjam & Jimbojoy

And last but not least, we have probably the most obvious person in the role of the Ministry of Finance. He’s done lots of good work writing articles and making extra money on the MM. In the MoF we of course have;


So thanks to these guys for taking the time out of their next month to work for the eUK and thanks to the rest of you who applied. If you’d still like to help I’ll be putting all of your names to the Ministers so that you can help out and who knows, you might be a minister yourself next month!

If you missed my other two manifestos, you can see my Domestics one by clicking here and my Foreign Affairs one by clicking here.

Thanks again, and be sure to vote Betfoxtrot!

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