France report - He is with us!

Day 1,863, 15:28 Published in Belgium Austria by Kaad
Welcome Gerard in our beautiful country!

In deep, what eFrance looks like today? Well, it's a territory always changing, hurt by French independance tries and Polish reconquest.

They have a very good forum (-> and a great potential to become a great nation. But the community is not as good as our, and their president are not active as Bruno. I red an article about a possible change to a monarchy! (In french ->

Who lead eFrance? Ylirion is the current president, followed by Tototwalker, vice-president

Ylirion ( is a member of the central mind party Union des Libres Penseurs (
and was supported by 4 other party: Patria Nova, Union Imperialiste, Liberte Egalite Fraternite, Libre De Penser.
Some names looks strange but it reflects the major problems in eFrance. They are having a very hard time but they can see the ending.

eFrench government :

VP : Tototwalker
MoFA : J35000 & Nicolas Bonaparte
aMoFA : ZeMakubeX, Exidio
MoD : Zoragan
aMoD : Chester_AO, Jiefene, FrenchDeathXXL
MinEco : Parmenions64 & Jean Roquefort
aMinEco : Albardus
MinSol : Niceone30 & Magiclex
aMinSol : Sh3lby
Min Int/commu : Gigilatrik
aMinInt : Gregdab
MinComs : Matt Panzer & Treshold
aMinCom: Averell29
MinLulz : Alexandrin & Evoh

Changes in former governement:

VP: Nicolas Bonaparte
MoFA: ZeMakubeX

Report from the eBelgian ambassador in eFrance.
Hail eFrance
Hail eBelgium
Hail CoT