EDEN - a new dawn

Day 1,863, 12:01 Published in Greece Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of EDEN,

This is the first publication by the new EDEN PR team being issued in all EDEN countries. EDEN is the oldest alliance in the game, and unlike some critical articles in the media try to make believe, still very much alive. But criticism should be taken serious. As the EDEN PR team, we have taken on the job to bridge the giant gap between what happens in EDEN Head Quarters and what you, as a common player, see of it. You are not just fighting for EDEN, EDEN should also be fighting for you. But how would you know, if you are not informed? First, an update on the most recent events:

1. Changes in the members of EDEN: welcome, Colombia!
On Christmas Eve, Colombia was welcomed into the brotherhood as our newest member. After some months in GEA (Garden of Eden Alliance) they finally became a full member. We believe they will be a great contribution to our alliance and we wish to give Colombia a warm welcome into the alliance!

Unfortunately, in the past months we also saw eBelarus and eIreland leave, as well as eIndia leave GEA. They had their reasons to, and despite the fact that we hate to see them go, they made their point. Pretty much the same point, that resulted in some major changes within EDEN Head Quarters.

2. Changes in EDEN Head Quarters

A little over a week ago the CP’s of the EDEN member states chose their new staff in EDEN HQ for the next 2 months. As the new Supreme Commander they elected van Spijck. He was first of all candidated as he is seen as a ‘revolutionary’, a known defender of more transparency as well as a change in military strategy. But in order to value this, you should first know how EDEN HQ is organised.

The current positions in EDEN HQ:

Now, how is EDEN HQ organised?

All decisions in EDEN are made by the CP’s of all member states in weekly summits. They choose the people in charge of HQ, who can be considered mere tools of the CP’s that have the job to listen and follow their decisions. However, because CP’s come and go, but the experience and dedication of the staff have never been (and are still not) questioned, until recent most of them stayed on for months if not years. This created somewhat of an unbalance, at least giving the impression to members that some countries were given priority over others.

True or not, in a brotherhood, even this impression cannot be. In a true brotherhood, the voice of the people, represented by their CP’s, should be equally respected and listened to. As well as answered to, and that is mainly where some might say things have not been in order.

If you try to solve an issue the same way it was created - what is your chance of success?

To make a fresh new start, many people from the old staff were replaced or resigned, also causing some of them to form a block against these new changes. We deeply regret this, but we hope their loyalty to the brotherhood will win in the end. They too cannot be blind to the stagnation EDEN has been facing for a while now. We cannot ignore the fact that some countries have seen growth while many others lost (all of) their regions. Mainly EDEN is a defensive alliance and that’s why the new HQ believes that firstly we should take care of defending all our members and at least try to offer them Congress.

3. Changes in communication

EDEN is on the brink of a new dawn. Also in its communication with the common player. The EDEN PR team will work hard in the upcoming period to assign EDEN liaisons in every EDEN member state. Together with us, they will work on our brotherhood in the sense that we ask from you to read our publications about the issues in other countries - and help us tell them which are yours. We shouldn’t just say we are a brotherhood, we should live it. Starting with knowing each other.

At your service,
EDEN PR team