Trust in Greg? I was, ones

Day 1,853, 04:13 Published in Australia Croatia by Hand Solo

I want remember public what Greg MacGregor promise in his CP candidature article.

1. Keep pressure on Chile, untill they will come back to South America, where they belong
2. Sustain MPPs with allies to protect our borders and interests
5. Every major shift in OUR foreign policy will be consulted with public opinion

Based on this Greg MacGregor get my vote on CP elections because I trusted him.

Greg and his gvt act completely reversal from what He promise.


1. Stop fighting in RW against Chile, some gvt members fight for Chile, beggars negotiations with Chile, is this pressure?

2. Not renewing MPP with China, India,..

5. This is happened right now and discussed only with senate not with public, where senators must repetedly ask for logs and then get some or parts of logs. I (and some other senators) asking from Greg and gvt to inform public. Greg decide to not inform public.

Trust in Greg?