How to do damage in wars and which wars?

Day 1,850, 14:18 Published in Belgium Austria by Kaad

First of all, this article is made by a Belgian for eBelgians based on other eBelgians.

And some vocabulary:
- Q1 weapon: The Q means quality. So in my example, This weapon is quality lvl 1 (simple gun). There's 7 level of quality. It is working the same way for food
- PTOs: frequently asked, a Political Take Over Man (PTOs) is someone that wants to come in your country with others to take the politic controll of the nation
- DO: The Daily Order (DO) is aviable if you are in a military unit. It is a kind a mission given by your unit based on its policy. By succeding (kill 25 ennemy in the battle), you will get a good reward of 5 bazooka pieces and 1 energy bar (to restore 100 health instanty)
- BNA/BTA/BCA: these 3 capitals are the 3 official military unit from the eBelgian government. Depends on your style of play, you should join one of them to receive help and supplies.
- BH/PM: Battle Hero medals are won if you do the most damage in a battle. You will also get an extra gold reward. Patriot Medals are won when you reach a certain number of damage for your country. You will get some gold too.
- TW: A Training War is a planed war by two countries to test them and give the opportunity to their citizens to earn medals. After the war, the countries are recovering their initial territory/borders. Its is generaly done between to allied countries that don't have the opportunity to fight for themself.

Have you got a job? A job is quite the only way to earn money (and the only safe, sure and secure way). Money is very important for fighting, you will see!

If you fight without any weapon, you will do more or less 800 as average, more than 2000 with a Q6 weapon and 10000 with a bazooka. You will also lose more energy with a Q1 weapon than a Q4 weapon. So it's better to fight with weapons then fight with none. You will see the difference.

So my 1st advice, fight with weapons! How can I get weapons? You can buy them at the market, but it will be very expensive, and you will work for a long time to buy weapons for 30 seconds of war...
One solution is to get you daily pack from the belgian government. How? Go to the forum/website of eBelgium, register, introduce yourself and ask each day for a daily pack. It will contains 10 Q6 food and 2 Q6 weapons. You can also become active in the community and share your friendship and happiness. eBelgium as a very good community so do not hesitate to join. You can also get weapons from your military unit. Some private military unit in some countries are giving supplies, but in eBelgium, the best way is to go in a unit from the government that will give you supplies! (BNA/BTA/BCA). You can also get good advice and learn a lot in these units.

Second advice, save your weapons/food/energy bars/rockets/bazooka ! You will get Bazooka from battle and DO, energy bars from DO and missions, rockets from missions (these are the best way to do damage), food and weapons from daily pack/supplies/personnal production. Weapons are difficult to save because you use them automaticly to suceed the DO. But you can save bazooka if you do not create them yet (because if you go to your warehouse, you can choose or not to put bazooka pieces together to create a bazooka, don't do that if you want to save them!). You can save energy bars if you don't use them. You can save food if you du your 25 kill for the DO and not 26... There's lots of means to save. And you wait, some week/month. And when you think it is the right time, you use everything! And you will do lots of damage!

But when is it the good time? You should have a good stock, but also choose the good battle. Choose a battle of eBelgium, you will earn patriot medals if you do lots of damages.

And each day, where should I fight? If you are a member of an official unit of the country, fight where the DO ask you to fight. You will help your country and its allies (Chile, Bulgaria, Mexico, Swizerland,...) and its friends (Poland,...). Fight for an ally of Belgium and not for an ennemy as others do. What is the goal of fight for ennemies? Change your nationality, you will get PM so... Fight for Belgium and its allies is the best way to help your country and yourself!

The TW with UK means it's the right moment to fight! Take all your bazooka and fight for your country to get rewards (BH/PM) and do lots of damages. A TW is not every week so take advantage of that!

As a conclusion, save, wait for the good moment (a TW) and fight!

It is time to fight with me the UK! Good luck!

Kaad, president of the BMP, ambassador in France, (e)Belgian.