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Day 1,847, 15:31 Published in Hungary Hungary by TWO Alliance

Greetings Friends,

Today we are proud to announce the first elected HQ of TWO! We’ve taken the time to elect the most capable, active and talented individuals to lead our glorious alliance into the future.

Every alliance ever created has had its own particular quirks, strengths and weaknesses, but here at TWO we’re blessed with an incredibly strong group of countries, with a friendship that has stood the test of time. This relationship between members is undoubtedly our strength, and is the firm foundation on which the rest of the alliance is built.

Our HQ provides focus to that inner and innate strength; sharpens each spear available to us and points them at our enemies. The role of a HQ is not to rule but to direct; to respect and celebrate the strengths of the member countries and to negate any weaknesses. I am delighted to announce to you the following appointments:

The first Secretary General of TWO: Mininuns

Mininuns has been at the height of Spanish and alliance politics for many months now, having ably assisted his country in many undertakings and earned widespread respect and acclaim for his work. Always willing to listen and yet forceful and decisive when required, Mini is a fantastic choice of SG for the alliance.

The first Supreme Commander of TWO: Hunnia91

Hunnia is a highly experienced military leader, and was instrumental in all of Hungary’s successful campaigns in recent months. He has an excellent understanding of game mechanics and has an eye for long term strategy. His plans will no doubt lead the alliance from strength to strength and secure our place in the sun.

The first Secretary of Foreign Affairs of TWO: Talon Karrde

Talon is the oldest player elected to this month’s HQ and has recently finished a double stint as CP of the United Kingdom. The UK is most known for its politics and this often fiery arena has given Talon all the experience and savvy needed to be an excellent diplomat. On a national level he was responsible for negotiating peace with Ireland and ensuring the UK was freed back in April of this year. Talon will be heading up the diplomats this month and no doubt will bring honour to the position.

That rounds out our HQ this time. Mini, Hunnia and Talon; along with their staff, will be working very closely with the member countries of TWO over the coming month to make sure we excel as an alliance. It’s no good to merely tick over and react to events as they appear; the HQ will actively seek to shape them. I’m sure we can all look forward to what will be achieved, and while it may not be easy we will certainly be able to succeed together.

At this point I’d like to reiterate something that was said in our first article too: We'll always help those who respect and are friends with us and we'll fight those who despise us. We have common goals and interest with many countries in the eWorld and they can count on us. We know who our friends are and extend the hand of friendship.

Indeed, we will do what is hard, and we will achieve what is great. Where divided we may fall, united we stand, tall and proud; truly the world is ours.

Talon Karrde

TWO Secretary of Foreign Affairs

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