[MoHA] ==> The BoDi - Awards (5th edition): Results!

Day 1,839, 13:22 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

Hello Belgium!

The BoDi-Award elections has officially come to an end!
It is time to announce the winners!

The BoDi-Award of Belgian Honor


Former Belgian citizen and Supply Officer of the BNA, he was highly respected amongst the community. We are glad to offer him the Award of Belgian Honor for all the past commitments and sacrifices he has made to carry our country further. Thank you so much tecuvo, you will always be welcome!

The BoDi-Award of Progress

Stijn Puttemans

A quite young citizen that soon proved his assets. He climbed swiftly and brilliantly to the Congress, volunteered to supply the citizen packs daily and recently earned the title of Chairman in the Congress. We now realise he became one of the core players of Belgium, the one that oils the mechanics and cares that everything works within our country, while he is not even 4 months into this game! Congratulations Stijn, you definitely deserved it!

The BoDi-Award of Life Achievement


The most experienced Belgian player, two times Country President of Belgium, forum admin, former Chairman of Congress, Congress Member, Commander, …
For us, the choice is obvious, nobody did more for this country than the old-timer, who lived through the ups and down of Belgium while remaining loyal to the Fatherland, since 2009! A big hoorah for good ol’ NLSP!

The BoDi-Award of Belgian Icone


If you think about Belgian Politics, who is the first person that comes up in your mind? If it isn’t Nohjis, I recommend you to restudy your eBelgian History! Long-time politician, former CP (three times!), he will be remembered for long in the Congress. In fact, the Congress section of the forum feels a little empty now he has left for the eUK. Hail Nohjis!

The BoDi-Award of Media


Always there to publish objective reports about elections and most active citizen in our forum, nobody can doubt of his publishing talents. And guess what? Writing is not the only form of art he masters! Massive hug to our preferred redactor!

The BoDi-Award of Outstanding Diplomatic Service


No, he isn’t only our beloved commander in the BTA, MCKitKat also has a lot of experience in public relations! Nominated Minister of Foreign Affairs in September and each time renominated since then, while being a former ambassador of Germany, he knows everything about diplomacy! And he will surely not deny that hugs are healthy to every kind of relation, (do you?) so lets give him a big hug and the Award he deserved!

The BoDi-Award of Merit


When we mean that experience is earned through time, we do not always mean the time spent on eRep. MaryamQ lightened our thoughts and supported our army as Supply Officer in the darkest times and we are very thankful for this. That’s definitely worth a merit!

The BoDi-Award of Purple Heart

Aldous Zamiatin

By the time we speak, Aldous became to Belgium what Jesus is to christians and Mohammed to muslims. Very few citizens are old enough to had the chance to know him (and I’m not one of those), but he is described as the impersonated form of kindness and solidarity, and that his last act before leaving the game proves it: he distributed all he had to young Belgians in need. May every citizen follow his example, and the eWorld will be a better place.

The BoDi-Award of the Kylero Commitment to National Security


Our third former supply officer, former and well-known Immigration Officer and until now still protecting us from Political Take-Overs, Olv007 deserves more than a medal and forces respect. Forever dedicated to the security of the country he has never quitted, he can be counted in as one of the true assets Belgium possesses. We all hope he will contribute further to keep the country safe from those evil meanies!

Here we come to the end of the BoDi - Awards 5th edition! As a last point we wanted to thank our CP, Lily Jayne Summers, that made this all possible even in an economical crisis. This shows that even when times are dark good behaviour has to be rewarded. I firmly hope to see you next month with more medals. Until then, fight well, carry the country and be proud to be Belgian!

Take care,
The MoHA department.