[CoT] The only constant in life is change

Day 1,838, 08:54 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Dear friends

There has been some more changes in CoT’s HQ this month. At the last alliance summit (day 1834 of the New World), we have elected a new Bank Governor - T-Sic and yours truly (Lotus Black) was appointed as the new Public Relations Organiser. T-sic and I are well acquainted with CoT, so the transition should be swift and without problems.

With great pleasure we also welcome our new FULL members of the alliance Indonesia and Macedonia. Their trial membership has been exemplary, so the Council unanimously voted for them to become full members at the last alliance summit. Congratulations and welcome!

But we won’t stop growing just yet. The council also voted for Lithuania to become our newest trial member. Best wishes to Lithuania, we hope your trial membership will go smoothly and we will be able to congratulate you as full members soon, too.

And some other news - in the upcoming days stay tuned for Miss CoT contest.

Best regards,

Lotus Black