[MoHA] Opinion Poll: The Results (Part 1)

Day 1,819, 13:28 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

Hello Belgium!

The poll you filled in a couple of days ago and has been finished to some interesting conclusions. We wanted to share them with you, as well as thank you to anyone who decided to submit their answers.

41 Belgians decided to fill in the survey, (However, with not everyone filling in every question.)

As you can see, the majority of rating that was given was 7 and 8’s with the average rate you gave to our last cabinet is 6,92 out of 10.
- The main positive points mentioned were the ability to secure a Test War with the eUK (with a rough 75% mentioning it), the calm and courteous tone they kept without answering to the various insults some citizens made towards them, and their decent crisis management.

The main weaknesses are, according to the citizens, the lack of information transmitted in-game, in general but especially during the TW (knowing when you have to fight, which regions will be taken first, BH management, …), and the somewhat inactive MoFA-department in the game itself, with only some article research on the forum.

Military Matters:

The citizens pro-CoT mention more MPP battles, improved relations and some sort of respect and security, meaning that if someone wants to conquer us we will not fight alone. The ones pro-neutrality are regretting the end of our easy access to mercenary medals, their former liberty and the current costs having to be spent on MPP’s. They are also expressing disappointment towards CoT because it offers us less battles than they expected, and are very sceptic about the value of our allies.

- All but 2 citizens have enjoyed our TW with the eUK, with only one person unable to participate, and are willing to have more TW’s planned in the future. Proposals are made to lower BNA and BTA supplies in order to augment our Strike supplies, with Strikes being made every week. Some citizens also ask for more co-ordination on DO’s within the MoD department and repeat their need for more communication during a TW.

- 60 % of the citizens that answered the poll are in the BNA, 5% are in the BTA and 35% are in a private MU.

In the BNA, 41% of the soldiers are approving that the current supplies are exactly what they need, 23% are claiming it is more than enough, and 36% are asking for more. In the We have not enough statistics from the BTA, but 50% claims it is exactly what they need, while the other half are asking for more.

Energizing Economy:

63.9% are ready to pay more in order to support our country, 36,1% don’t. This clearly shows there is room to possibly increase taxes, or ask for a bit more, instead of it being 100% focused on cutting expenses.

28.2% of the citizens think we must focus on empowering the nation, 5.1% are wanting the state to help the strongest citizens carry the nation, and 66.6% expect us to make the good evolution of new citizens a priority. This shows that there is a lot of desire to focus on new citizens, so removing benefits and free stuff for new citizens may hinder that.

Citizens are clearly divided on this issue, with pretty much 50-50 in terms of having only spending cuts and another side introducing more taxes. With even a few people saying we should reduce taxes even further.

As you can see, there is a good majority that thinks that citizen packs are fine at the moment, but quite a few believe they are not necessary (Probably due to the economic situation), additionally some believe parties should do their own citizen packs, and some want citizen packs to pay more, and some wish the level requirement to decrease.

As to the level-limit after which you do not depend on citizen packs anymore, the median of the levels claimed is 26.

Lastly, Do you have any suggestions or remarks regarding the Belgian economy and how the government gets along with it?

“Always cut expenses is not the best way. We need to increase the incomes.”
“I think we should not be afraid in spending our reserves.”
“Cut spending, find alternative ways to raise revenue. Promote local companies, raise import taxes.”
“The economy is doing bad but the purpose of the government is that they need to help their citizens go through this rough period.”
“murder the government”

That’s it for now, we will be doing part 2 in a couple of days, where it’s focused on the forums, religion and the Government.

Take care,
The MoHA department.