One last time

Day 1,806, 16:50 Published in Indonesia Ireland by Simon Boucher-Ruest

During the last 16 months, eRepublik was occupying a major part of my free time. This ends tonight. In the following article, I’ll give some thumbs up and thumbs down. If I forget you, in the thumbs up section, no biggie, you know you belong there. If I forget you in the thumbs down section and you belong there, go f*ck yourself.

Thumbs up :

The Jacobi I met in the CPP : Thanks for giving me a shot at the political scene. You got me elected a few times for congress, put my name on the map, and I am grateful for it.

Talon Karrde and Greatmoff : Thanks for showing me that England isn’t full of b*tches, that there’s actually some good people there 😛

CFovetS, Punisher_1389, Zina and BDimitrov : Thanks for making my time in the CSD a good time, thanks for the supplies, the stupid jokes, the french jokes, etc..

Sadanaga, Eric Last, TemujinBC and other TCO guys : Thanks for welcoming me on your IRC channel even though I wasn’t a member of your MU, you still considered me as one of the crew, and chilled with me.

Venerable, Leo Balzac, Vrykolas and the Holy Order crew : Thanks for this great time, starting this MU was one of the best experiences I had on this game.

The Ultra Marines : For allowing me to be a member even if I had a citizenship in Canuckistan.

Coolmanos, Code-Y, sawc, Wally, Rolo and the other loltards : Thanks for the entertainment. What you guys do is what this game should be about.

IBhoy, Sweet Drinker, Pat O’Leary, Padraig, Chewie, youngHOOD, Marcus and the ICA guys : I’m not sure if I love you or hate you, since you’re the reason I stuck around this game. Also, thanks for bailing out Canada countless times, even if it went unnoticed.

Rylde and Mary Chan : Thank you, this is all I have to say.

The thumbs down :

All the ungrateful b*tches: Go f*ck yourself.

Post-Ireland Jacobi : You came back to be the saviour, but your ego was so huge that if something wasn’t your idea, it was automatically bad. Stop stroking that e-peen man.

Winston Hope Smith : You’re a c*nt, according to my friends.

Aeriala and Addy : Coming back to eCanada and running away after losing an election doesn’t make you any better than anyone else.

Ethel Rosenberg : For calling me a PTO’er, go f*ck yourself and keep bouncing from country to country when something doesn’t go your way.

For the last time… Peace
Simon Boucher-Ruest
Former eCanadian