Interview with Kaleb and Jordy in its Entirety

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Here it is, in all its glory for you to browse through. Right now I'm writing the article that'll include a summerization of this and also everything since. I'll be done in a few.

Welcome! You have entered [eUSA Lounge] at 12:57 pm
[Emerick] 1:09 pm: tg
[Emerick] 1:09 pm: kt
[Emerick] 1:18 pm: Where's Kaleb?
[eUSA Lounge]: Kaleb has entered at 1:38 pm
[Kaleb] 1:38 pm: hi
[eUSA Lounge]: Jordy Quinto has entered at 1:38 pm
[Kaleb] 1:39 pm: this is nice
[Jordy Quinto] 1:39 pm: Hello Emerick, Kaleb.
[Kaleb] 1:43 pm: emerick if you use msn add me
[Emerick] 1:45 pm: Oh hey
[Emerick] 1:45 pm: I don't use msn
[Emerick] 1:45 pm: I thought I wouldn't get ahold of you guys
[Kaleb] 1:46 pm: ih!
[Kaleb] 1:46 pm: great, we can start
[Kaleb] 1:46 pm: nice chat tool btw
[Jordy Quinto] 1:46 pm: I have 25 min to talk before I have to go.
[Kaleb] 1:46 pm: that should be enough
[Emerick] 1:46 pm: alright
[Emerick] 1:47 pm: I guess I'll start with the basics
[Kaleb] 1:47 pm: Emerick, there is a lot of false ideas going around about the UK-Belgium war
[Kaleb] 1:47 pm: so you'll have a chance to clear things up
[Emerick] 1:47 pm: Like what?
[Kaleb] 1:47 pm: I think some people think that the Belgium government are actually brits we sent over to take over and declare war on UK for free
[Kaleb] 1:47 pm: like the Swedes that took over Austria for example
[Emerick] 1:48 pm: Did they?
[Kaleb] 1:48 pm: or the turks in Ukraine, Americans in Poland etc
[Emerick] 1:48 pm: okay
[Kaleb] 1:48 pm: it wasn't backed by Swedish government, but a guy called Voxx stole 1000G from Austria's account
[Emerick] 1:48 pm: Well, how can you prove that isn't the case?
[Kaleb] 1:48 pm: prove what isn't the case?
[Emerick] 1:49 pm: That the British government hasn't taken over Belgium
[Jordy Quinto] 1:49 pm: Wel, zoals je ziet kan ik zeker Nederlands praten
[Emerick] 1:49 pm: what
[Kaleb] 1:49 pm: wiat a sec - shall we 'officially' start the interview first 🙂
[Jordy Quinto] 1:49 pm: Ik woon dus in België, meer bepaald het Vlaamse gedeelte.
[Emerick] 1:49 pm: I've already got it started
[Emerick] 1:50 pm: I thought that what you said @1:47 was a great opener
[Emerick] 1:50 pm: Oh wait Jordy, is that proof?
[Emerick] 1:50 pm: Is that Belgian?
[Jordy Quinto] 1:50 pm: I thought I'd prove that I can talk Dutch at a native level.
[Kaleb] 1:50 pm: the Belgians are all belgian
[Kaleb] 1:50 pm: no Brits there at all
[Emerick] 1:50 pm: Dutch, excuse me
[Emerick] 1:51 pm: Well that's good
[Kaleb] 1:51 pm: anyone can read the news in Belgium, or press releases, it's all in French or Belgian, very little in English
[Kaleb] 1:51 pm: of Flemish I mean
[Jordy Quinto] 1:52 pm: Yes, I wrote my latest press release about this merge in Dutch.
[Emerick] 1:52 pm: So, how did this union talk start?
[Emerick] 1:52 pm: Who started it?
[Emerick] 1:52 pm: And why?
[Kaleb] 1:52 pm: Jordy? care to explain?
[Jordy Quinto] 1:53 pm: Certainly
[Jordy Quinto] 1:54 pm: I had asked Kaleb for advice ever since I started about multiple things considering Belgium.
[Jordy Quinto] 1:54 pm: Like, at first for example I asked him what would be a good way to help my country. It was by becoming president, because you can do the most for a country then.
[Jordy Quinto] 1:55 pm: I asked him about how I could stimulate our economy
[Kaleb] 1:55 pm: oh, and I remember you had a load of cheaters that tried to take over your party too - thankfully admins banned them
[Jordy Quinto] 1:55 pm: Yes, same with our general elections but they got banned too thankfully.
[Emerick] 1:56 pm: So it all started with you asking for advice?
[Jordy Quinto] 1:56 pm: Anyhow, at the time I became president there were only 2 active CEOs
[Kaleb] 1:56 pm: GMs you mean... 🙂
[Emerick] 1:56 pm: CEOs? General Managers?
[Emerick] 1:56 pm: ok
[Jordy Quinto] 1:56 pm: Yes, I mean that.
[Jordy Quinto] 1:57 pm: So I had to open up my own food company even, to decrease the insane prizes.
[Jordy Quinto] 1:57 pm: Kaleb then suggested me to open up a national bank like in the UK
[Emerick] 1:57 pm: Did you have a company for every market?
[Jordy Quinto] 1:57 pm: Nope, currently I only have one for food.
[Kaleb] 1:57 pm: I was explaining how to set up national food companies. - The National Bank in the UK is the Bank of England by the way.
[Emerick] 1:58 pm: ok
[Jordy Quinto] 1:58 pm: Yes, he suggested I create a bank for Belgium like that too.
[Emerick] 1:58 pm: And what was that for?
[Kaleb] 1:58 pm: it's a vehicle to more publically transfer funds out of the national account, instead of being done through the President's account
[Jordy Quinto] 1:59 pm: Yes.
[Kaleb] 1:59 pm: because then you get laid open to all sorts of corruption allegations as you can't see what money is the Presiden'ts personal money and what is the state's.
[Kaleb] 1:59 pm: Look at Koroush in Iran for example
[Kaleb] 1:59 pm: all sorts of accusations there
[Kaleb] 2:00 pm: A National Bank means it is clear that all funds through that account belong to the state, and not the person of the President
[Emerick] 2:00 pm: alright, so you got rid of cheaters, opened up some companies to drove down prices, and opened a bank to take some heat off of yourself?
[Kaleb] 2:01 pm: No, he was about to open the bank
[Kaleb] 2:01 pm: That's when we thought about a Union
[Emerick] 2:02 pm: why/
[Jordy Quinto] 2:02 pm: We kind of thought of the idea at the same time.
[Emerick] 2:02 pm: ?
[Emerick] 2:02 pm: And when was that?
[Jordy Quinto] 2:02 pm: It would be far easier to just have a political and economical union with the UK than trying to slowly build up our Belgian economy.
[Emerick] 2:03 pm: Ah
[Kaleb] 2:03 pm: expensive to start all those companies
[Emerick] 2:03 pm: And Belgium is pretty small?
[Kaleb] 2:03 pm: Not enough workers to produce everything
[Emerick] 2:03 pm: right
[Kaleb] 2:03 pm: workforce of like 30
[Kaleb] 2:04 pm: I have more than that in my company, K-Travel
[Emerick] 2:04 pm: Okay, so it was for economic reasons
[Kaleb] 2:04 pm: primarily
[Kaleb] 2:04 pm: many people were coming into Belgium and dying - it had a very high unemployment rate
[Emerick] 2:04 pm: as opposed to Romainia's pride
[Emerick] 2:04 pm: Well that makes sense
[Emerick] 2:05 pm: So when did the idea come up?
[Kaleb] 2:06 pm: not long ago
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: like a week?
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: ago?
[Kaleb] 2:06 pm: this week
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: really?
[Jordy Quinto] 2:06 pm: Yes
[Kaleb] 2:06 pm: yup
[Emerick] 2:06 pm: how many days before the war mod was relesed?
[Emerick] 2:07 pm: And compared to the Romainian-Moldovian union?
[Kaleb] 2:07 pm: day before I think
[Kaleb] 2:07 pm: can't remember exactly
[Emerick] 2:07 pm: Okay
[Kaleb] 2:07 pm: we don't need a contract like Romania-Moldova because we are forming a constitution in the UK this month
[Kaleb] 2:07 pm: which will cover things like independence clauses
[Kaleb] 2:08 pm: Don't forget UK is already made up of 4 countries
[Emerick] 2:08 pm: Well, if I'm not mistaken(I can't check on eRep right now), one of you has some MMP's that are coming into affect
[Kaleb] 2:08 pm: Belgium 2
[Emerick] 2:08 pm: I knew about the UK, but not Belgium
[Jordy Quinto] 2:08 pm: It's actually two parts, not really countries.
[Emerick] 2:08 pm: Who's writing your constitution?
[Emerick] 2:09 pm: like states?
[Kaleb] 2:09 pm: We will be a "United Kingdom" of England, Flanders, Scotland, Wallonia, Wales and Northern Ireland
[Kaleb] 2:09 pm: congress and Mayors
[Jordy Quinto] 2:09 pm: Well, 3 if the Brussels capital area is counted.
[Kaleb] 2:09 pm: a bit like USA but more focussed on practical matters
[Emerick] 2:09 pm: oh cool, we have just one person writing ours, which I think isn't right
[Jordy Quinto] 2:10 pm: I have one more minute, then I have to go.
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: Will you answer the MMP question?
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: damnit
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: I'll have to pm some questions
[Kaleb] 2:10 pm: oh sorry
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: *you
[Kaleb] 2:10 pm: I'll still be here
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: good
[Kaleb] 2:10 pm: UK has MPPs with USA, Romania and Ireland
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: how kong?
[Emerick] 2:10 pm: *long lol
[Emerick] 2:11 pm: and Belgium is attacking you, right?
[Kaleb] 2:11 pm: we cancelled the MPP with Netherlands temporarily as it would have made Maastricht region a warzone because of a common border
[Kaleb] 2:11 pm: yes, it's less costly that way. Same reason Moldova is attacking Romania
[Emerick] 2:11 pm: but the other countries won't be involved because they're not bordering?
[Kaleb] 2:12 pm: Their citizens can fight but the country won't be affected.
[Kaleb] 2:12 pm: Just like when Moldova declars war on Moldova we will be at war with Moldova. Doesn't really matter.
[Kaleb] 2:13 pm: Shall I explain more practicalities about the Union?
[Emerick] 2:13 pm: So why didn't you cancel all MMP's?
[Emerick] 2:13 pm: Well let's finish this up first
[Kaleb] 2:13 pm: No need really, no harm done by having them.
[Jordy Quinto] 2:13 pm: Oh darn. My time is up.. Kaleb will answer further questions. If you still have any questions for me then I could answer them tomorrow morning.
[Kaleb] 2:14 pm: Thanks Jordy
[Emerick] 2:14 pm: I'll pm you some tonight
[Emerick] 2:14 pm: Thanks for coming
[Jordy Quinto] 2:14 pm: My pleasure. Good night Kaleb, Emerick.
[Kaleb] 2:14 pm: I can explain more about the merger, and other non-economic reasons for doing it.
[Kaleb] 2:14 pm: Night!
[Emerick] 2:14 pm: Alright
[eUSA Lounge]: Jordy Quinto has left at 2:14 pm
[Kaleb] 2:15 pm: We will be doing a monetary union. So all Belgians will be able to convert their BEF to GBP at an agreed rate
[Emerick] 2:15 pm: Which is....
[Kaleb] 2:15 pm: otherwise they would all be impoverished with a worthless currency!
[Kaleb] 2:15 pm: Haven't decided just yet
[Emerick] 2:16 pm: do you know how much hte BEF is compared to GBP?
[Emerick] 2:16 pm: *the
[Kaleb] 2:16 pm: we'll do it according to relative wages and prices
[Emerick] 2:17 pm: So straight formula, like eRepublik sees it?
[Kaleb] 2:17 pm: Belgian political parties will be dissolved as a result of the war, so we will provide Gold to allow the leaders of the two main parties to reform their parties in the new UK.
[Kaleb] 2:17 pm: Based on RER yes, but also wages.
[Kaleb] 2:18 pm: I helped create the RER formula so I think I can handle the BEF:GBP rate
[Emerick] 2:18 pm: What's RER?
[Kaleb] 2:18 pm: Recommended Exchange Rate!
[Kaleb] 2:18 pm: Read my paper...
[Emerick] 2:18 pm: hey I have a test in 10 minutes, are you going to be here in 30 mins/
[Emerick] 2:19 pm: lol sorry
[Emerick] 2:19 pm: I think I am subscribed, actually
[Emerick] 2:19 pm: ?
[Kaleb] 2:20 pm: ooh, I might be
[Kaleb] 2:20 pm: email me if desperate, you've got all this saved right?
[Emerick] 2:20 pm: I will, yeah
[Emerick] 2:20 pm: I prefer this, though
[Emerick] 2:21 pm: I can be 30 mins late, actually, it's a short test, and we have an hour and a half to finish
[Kaleb] 2:21 pm: I mean email me to check when I am around
[Emerick] 2:21 pm: alright
[Emerick] 2:21 pm: So, back to the interview..............
[Emerick] 2:21 pm: You're giving political leaders Gold, exchanging currency
[Emerick] 2:22 pm: how will you know how much to give?
[Emerick] 2:22 pm: And won't you be losing money by doing that?
[Kaleb] 2:23 pm: only GBP which we print
[Kaleb] 2:23 pm: just like the Euro was printed
[Kaleb] 2:23 pm: and 80 Gold for the parties
[Emerick] 2:24 pm: Alright, I'll look up how much you guys have now(note to self)
[Kaleb] 2:24 pm: Belgians also get into the UK forum, which is the most active in Erepublik
[Kaleb] 2:24 pm: we nearly have more posts than which has many times our population
[Kaleb] 2:24 pm: and has been going longer
[Emerick] 2:24 pm: What's that, Sweden?
[Kaleb] 2:24 pm: Belgians can have their own section of the forum if they want to talk in French or Flemish
[Kaleb] 2:25 pm: we already have a Croatian community quite happy in the UK
[Kaleb] 2:25 pm: yes
[Kaleb] 2:25 pm: This also gives an ideal way to test the war mod, before countries fight each other for real
[Kaleb] 2:25 pm: This morning we uncovered many bugs
[Emerick] 2:25 pm: Oh shit.
[Kaleb] 2:25 pm: so we'll try and speak later?
[Kaleb] 2:26 pm: probably won't be 30 mins though...
[Kaleb] 2:26 pm: ??
[Emerick] 2:26 pm: I'm losing this interview........don't post
[Emerick] 2:26 pm: Oh thank god
[Kaleb] 2:26 pm: just click save
[Emerick] 2:26 pm: It's alright
[Kaleb] 2:26 pm: got it?
[Emerick] 2:27 pm: No, I'm staying until 3
[Emerick] 2:27 pm: yeah
[Kaleb] 2:27 pm: I gotta go too for a bit
[Emerick] 2:27 pm: how long?
[Kaleb] 2:27 pm: don't know 🙁
[Kaleb] 2:27 pm: sry got to dash...
[eUSA Lounge]: Kaleb has left at 2:28 pm

...he left me there just like that....................

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