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Day 153, 05:15 Published in Sweden Sweden by josefstark

As some of you might know I’ve been away for some time now. I came back from my very insightful journey in Denmark a few days ago. When I came there I saw an opportunity to make a difference, to stop the seemingly inevitable Swedish invasion, to unite the Danish people and reject the insanity that their president has thrown them into. It is sad to see that it is the Danish community that will have to pay for Grev Per’s lack of understanding.

I have known Grev Per since before his presidency and when I travelled to Denmark I spoke with him and I asked in a friendly manner for his apologize for his previously abusive publications regarding the people in Sweden as an inferior race, these where later removed when reported to the admin. He simply said that he saw no point in apologizing when he was having such a ball. He never apologized and even though his publications was removed and he was temporarily banned for a short duration the damage was already done, and upon Grev Per’s return, his slander campaign continued and the relations between our two countries worsened by the day. My work in Denmark was neglected and even though I published clear beneficial results I was getting shit thrown in my face. I, along with many other Swedes who was there for the same cause, was unwillingly incorporated in Grev Per’s contentious artifices, we were mocked in public and was pointed out as unworthy bastards. All this rendered my work impossible to execute. It was truly painful when I came to the conclusion that my plans were doomed to fail and that I was of more use back home in Sweden. Grev per continues with his tall stories to this day. My relation with him has been reduced to a mere shadow of what it once was, and I hope for his own sake that he apologizes if not to the citizens of Sweden but at least to the Danish people for what he have done to them. Ironically, being the hypocrite he is, he has actually made his people into Swedish citizens. It is only a matter of time before Grev Per is turned into the life form he for so long have despised and he has only himself to blame.

Early this morning the Swedish troops marched across the Öresund strait and there are now more Swedish soldiers in Nordjylland and Hovedstaden than there are Danish citizens in the whole of Denmark combined.
I know there are a lot of people in Sweden who have been waiting for war but I am sad to tell you all that this isn’t really what you have been anticipating. There won’t be much resistance on the battlefields and if there is any disappointment it is only because of all the public agitation and glorifying of the war. It has been a true dissatisfaction to read all the warmonger articles and the articles glorifying our country. I am actually disgusted by it if I am to tell the truth. I don’t want to offend anyone here but if you really care about your country you should try to embrace the Danish people as a good addition. The best for our nation would be if we worked together so that we all could enjoy the results of our combined efforts.
When this so called “war” is over in a couple of days I hope to see people actually trying to better the situation between our people, I know I will give it all I have, and if there are people still dragging others through the dirt in articles and such they are no better than the reason for this war itself!

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Columnist: Josef Stark
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Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum!
(To err is human, to forgive is devine!)