New Movement: Rise of the Raven

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Est. 2010
Thirty-fifth Edition: Saturday, October 20, 2012

The New Movement

More strategy and smarts/less mudslinging and partisanship
More democracy and free thought
More self building/less finger pointing
More utilization of Irish culture
More development of our own eIrish culture and community
More meritocracy/less favours
More mentoring and growth of eIreland's "youth"
More freedom, inclusiveness, and transparency

This is the new movement. If you agree with this, than join EA and get in on this discussion that is going to make eIreland a world class model. No one will doubt our place as the best nation in eRepublik to play in. EA will not be a place for choosing sides, it will be a place for choosing strategies and for individuals to find their own voice and their own place working for the good of eIreland.

An Old Bird

In light of the recent changes to the electoral system, we now have a triangular system with candidates, citizens, and parties. When a party offers good candidates, the citizens reward the party by trusting them with their votes again in the future. When the candidates do a good honest job, the party rewards them with higher priority and a better chance to be elected next time. When the party chooses the candidates by fair and effective methods, candidates reward the party by being loyal to it. When the citizens elect a good party, the party rewards the citizens by offering candidates who make eIreland better and eRepublik more fun.


"[4.1] Eire Aonair was founded with the purpose of creating a party that stood for adherence to values rather than to political views. The idea is that people of opposite ideological views, can cooperate under a common character of underlying values.

[4.2] Eire Aonair members should possess an understanding and desire to embody values such as the following: honesty, integrity, consideration, hard work, rational thought, fair play, accountability, open mindedness, and respect. Eire Aonair holds these values in high esteem.

[4.3] Members may choose to represent the above values through various ideologies or views on various issues. They should also represent these values in the pursuit of their goals.

[4.4] While Eire Aonair believes that individuals should never vote on party alone, Eire Aonair would encourage that voters consider the values that a candidate endorses by being a member of Eire Aonair."
- Section 4 of The Constitution of Eire Aonair as written in 2011

As you can see by this section of our constitution, we have always been committed to this idea of a triangle of mutual benefit. No party is better equipped than Eire Aonair to make eIreland better when it comes to ideas and attitudes. We didn't adjust to fit into this new system, we were born for it.

Raising The Raven

Our New Official Logo.

After a vote among all of EAs members, Eire Aonair has approved the above image as our new official logo. The words Tabhair | Comhoibriú | Éiríonn (Give | Cooperate | Succeed) will join the EA raven to represent our commitment to injecting some authentic Irish culture into eIreland, and to these three charges.

We have also voted to abstain from officially supporting cp candidates as a party. It doesn't serve any strategic purpose one way or the other to support a candidate (since our members are encourage to vote based on their own views and not any party line) so we have decided to refrain from giving official support in this way. The only time EA will give its support to a candidate is when an EA member is running.

We Are Recruiting

Ladies and Gentlemen of eIreland,
Eire Aonair needs your help to have its voice heard. The more members we have the stronger our cause will become. EA is not a populist party, it doesn't matter to me whether we're #1 or #5, but we do want to be in the top 5 so that we can participate in congress. What matters most is that our members be active, vocal, level headed, and here to have fun. All are welcome to join us in The New Movement, everyone will be treated as equals in their right to have their voice heard.

Yours Truly,
Ian E Coleman

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