[eBe] Full Member of CoT

Day 1,789, 09:00 Published in Belgium Belgium by Belgium.info

Dear Citizens and Friends,
Today is a good day for eBelgium. As you already know, the government was working hard behind the screens and waiting in order to make a special announcement. This announcement.

For the last two month, the government and congress of eBelgium has worked hard to get this special thing done. But we have not been the only ones doing the work. Also you, our fellow citizen, did what you could in order to achieve this special goal and to create an important milestone in our history.

Finally, we can announce you today, that I have been informed by CoT officials that eBelgium was unanimous, by all full members of the CoT alliance, accepted as a Full Member.

Today, eBelgium has broken itself loose from the chains of neutrality and is an official Full Member of the Circle of Trust alliance.

We have proven ourselves trustful and loyal. Willing to support our allies where they needed it most. As official member, we have great responsibilities but I’m confident that we will succeed and help our allies.

We want to thanks the past governments and the Belgian population for the hard work they achieved. It was not easy and many where during our road towards full membership often surprised with the offers we had to take.
We are proud on all of you.

In name of the full government,