What would you do if you were Admin for 1 day?

Day 1,756, 18:54 Published in USA USA by Baby Groot

What would make you thinking about Buiying Gold! That is the question Admin is constantly thinking about.. What would make those stupids sons of bi"/$es buy some more gold, spend real life money and stick to this silly boring game?

Well, personnally, many changes and developpements would make me more willing to contribute to this game financial support!

A lot of players complains about the fact that Admin only want us too buy more gold.. (which is true btw). But admin are not doing the right stuff to make us(customers)buy gold. If they only decided to listen to what people complains about, fix some minors issues, implant some new and simple module, maybe we would be more please to support their buisness.

Here's few ideas I received from a shout I made earlier today :

- Only 1 citizenship chnages per 3 months
- Raising the cost of MPP's (like 500k / month)
- Raising the cost to start a RW's (10 x 10k) (Romper)
- Raising the congress donation limit to 1.000.000 cc / day
- Giving congress right to revoque citizenship (the person would regain the citizenship of the country he start the game in)
- Keep the vote counts hidden during election, reveal them after the election (Addy Lawrence)
- Return to V1 military module concerning the MPP's rules (Losing them when wiped, Attacker attack a opponents with out allies vs the defender and allies)

Like you can see, thse changes are nthing very complicated ... they are just some minor changes that would make the majority of players seriouly more happier! ( And also make them think about buying gold)

If you have any others ideas that could help improve the game, just poste them in the comments section and ill edit them in the article 🙂