RLC has a new name - We The People

Day 1,732, 15:02 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

We The People
Day 1,732 of the New World
17 August 2012

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The Republican National Caucus is dead.

I've been asked why not change the party name back to RLC.

My answer: Because it is too widely associated with those who completely destroyed the party's reputation nationally. Plain and simple, the letters "RLC" leave a bad taste in most everyone's mouth.

So I reverted back to the plans I had been hatching a month ago with Dutch Marley.

In between Real Life and my duties in eRep as the Secretary of Defense, I will be also publishing some information in this paper about what I think We The People should stand for. Today, I just want to get the word out and ask for some help on a few things.

1: I want to begin a new offsite Forum for WTP. So I am looking for a person or two who has some experience working with ForumMotion. PM me to volunteer.

2: I have published a form to sign up for Congress. You will not be given a place on the ballot if the Federal Election Committee will not approve you. I am serious about National Security, so anyone bothered by this is probably not going to like anything else I do anyway, so maybe consider moving back to Serbia or something. If you want to run, fill this out: http://tinyurl.com/9u4x24o

3: We will need some volunteers to run some recruitment programs. I believe we will be able to increase our membership with sane-thinking Americans.

4: If you receive any Personal Messages from Ronald Gipper Reagan, just delete them on the spot.

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