[MoHA] August 2012

Day 1,723, 18:17 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

Greetings, everyone. We have a new term this month, and with a new term comes a new MoHA team and new ideas. This month, the MoHA will be headed by Viridi, with his two deputies - Garth Lidlington and Sicariidae. All three of these players are experiencing their first term working at a ministry in here in eBelgium, though all have contributed well thus far. Speaking of contributions, let me share what plans we have for the upcoming month.

BoDi Awards

Yes, you heard it. This month will see the reintroduction of the BoDi Awards, also known as the eBelgium Awards of Excellence. You will get the chance to nominate your friends, or be nominated yourself in different categories such as 'Award of Progress,' to the 'Purple Heart'. Apart from keeping such an award for the rest of your eLife, you also get 1g prize money for each award.

More details will be released soon, and the nominations due to start in several days.

Player Retention

Although this activity may not be a fun activity, it's really important. Again, in several days this project is expected to take off the ground and begin progress. We'll be messaging new citizens to eBelgium and making sure they feel welcome and know the basics of what to do. Whilst all new citizens do receive a New Citizen Message, we feel that another one, sent by a real player and not automatically can do more to open up to the player and encourage them to play actively in-game, on the forums, and on the IRC.


Apart from those two special programs, we'll also be trying to keep up general activity, by keeping updated reports every week, and also by promoting the use of the forums and the IRC.

More updates soon. o/

eBelgian MoHA.

MoHA IRC Channel: #eBe_MoHA