[CP] August Cabinet

Day 1,721, 14:39 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael

Greetings ePakistan,

I would like to thank you all for the honour which you, my fellow countrymen, have bestowed in me by electing me as your new Country President. Thank you, and I hope that I am able to fulfill the trust which you guys have shown by electing me.

You can review my manifesto here. I fully intend to achieve every point which I stated there, for which I have assembled a cabinet of dedicated ePakistanis.

Muhammad Bilal will serve as VP.

Bozli will be serving as MoFA. He is two-time president of Pakistan, an old Dioist and one of the most capable Pakistanis ingame.

Dodial will continue to serve as MoF, and keep doing the excellent job which he is doing to balance our national treasury.

Annihilator10 will be MoD.

Sparkfyre, a relatively new player, will be working as Minister of Education and promoting player awareness in our community through her informed articles.

Fyrurus will be incharge of a new program that we intend to start for helping newbies.

We will also be having Flashgun as an advisor to myself.

I believe that this team has ePakistan's best interests at hope, and will carry us forward into a new, better era which will bring us prosperity.

-Ishamael Naeblis