Don't Push It, Don't Force It {CPF}

Day 1,694, 19:01 Published in Canada Canada by Funky 24

Normally the period between the CP elections and the 15th is when a Party President can rest on his or her laurels, write some complex articles or make plans that end up being forgotten once Congressional elections come around. I've heard that being the AFK PP you can just sit back and then claim you're fighting the system but that's just me wondering out loud.

So what to with this extra time while I'm on eRepublik? Force myself to write out that accursed Tenet #2? Push myself to get over the humiliating act of recruiting where I must beg some hungry savages to join our pristine party? Obtain a legion of monkeys to do both? No, worrying that eCanada will try to shoot itself in the head is my problem to ponder.

With each day it becomes clear that the majority of new players come to play eRepublik for the purpose of what they can do elsewhere in the browser gaming worl😨 push themselves grind, grind, grind or such as the case in Eastern Europe, fight for your country to show those damn foreigners how mad they are about something that happened before they were born.

For the former eCanada is well enough equipped. When not taken to a Norsefire chapter, most MU Commanders and PPs understand that the two-clicker or potential MU Hermit has only has a few wants in eRepublik. Get them food, tanks or money and a party or MU that sounds safe and pleasant enough to join and don't push them with too many demands. Leaders also have to force them to accept that loses in production or a rise in taxes or prices are inevitably either

- a natural order to things,

- Plato's fault,

-a rival's fault

-or a foreigner's fault.

In the case of the third explanation a leader can explain to the unenlightened that if they stick with the group, then these problems will be addressed, forcefully on their behalf if need be. For the other three explanations, this is how integration for just another savage into the ranks of the minority of economic gurus, media moguls, tanks or political animals begins for those that otherwise would have two-clicked for a few more months, and then left.

Whether it’s the promise of becoming more involved to solve an injustice or that lure of Congressional goal, the leader has the job smoothing out any extremist or false beliefs that don’t meld with his or her ideals and usually, the fundamental ideals of eCanada, as well as explaining the mechanics of the game. For the unusual, you can look at the still-savage Norsefire membership that receives no connection to society unless they are part of an MU and are lost to the bribery of a small kleptocracy having no source to learn how to push for self-sufficiency.

And it is so with the CPF, and our 7 Tenets especially. Having been updated from our past a year ago they are there for me, the Party President, most of all. I use them to craft a membership that becomes more active in eCanada having learned how things ought to be (less reliance on the forum’s institution, an organized financial and foreign policy as well as among other things) and what they’re entitled to demand. As a member of an MU I help others help the newcomers learn how to play, to become self-sufficient so they can endure whatever changes the admins or a bad gov’t makes and to tell them why they should spend money on this game so I’m never forced to feel obligated to spend my own RL money.

While the groups and elites of this game all carry the same responsibility (for some it is more prudent based on just how many are part of their group) of pushing up the savages’ activity into something more, some, based on their party’s or MU’s belief-system or structure, are better at this societal task than others. In fact, to go back to the top of the article, some groups make me weep for what has become of our capacity as a community to retain players and civilise the savage two-clicker. Groups like the CAF and now the AFK are the default choice for newcomers unsure of their options. While the surviving Roleplaying on the forum is almost completely devoted to military spending and the Executive, if you had to take away the former and gov’t spending as the AFK proposes, MUs like the CAF, HOPE or TCO, unless they take our Auditor (and CPF alumni) Goran Thrax’s advice would have to make serious, but not fatal changes to turn a profit on their own.

Since the admins began trimming away the new features of V2, the game has become even more basic than before. While the threshold for understanding the game has become lower, the parties of eCanada seem to have been unable to take advantage.

On one hand you have parties like the MDP or EPIC that have no philosophy other than do as your leader says or none at all, respectively. While the MDP at least has a collective purpose (military funding) beyond existing as a party both would be hard pressed to have learned from the simplification of eRepublik to a mainly militaristic-focused browser game. The savage is all for the free goodies paid by from MU subsidies but doesn’t see why they need a party for that, let alone have to meander into the MDP’s IRC or forum when they have an MU they’re already a part of. Anyone who’s run into irate CAF members on the forum or been around for the CAF/TCO rivalry in the past knows a military party is not needed for being vocal and to push for things from the gov’t on behalf of our militias. For the MDP, if their IRC channel ever became empty, so would their appearance of doing anything productive or being active (four proposals, really?). For EPIC, I honestly don’t know how nobody in that party after all that time never came to understand that the best the country’s biggest party offer eCanada was nothing but Congressional medals and an additional (broken) forum to visit. As I’ve said before, if you want to be an independent and be a part of Congress, get a bunch of friends to vote for you in an empty slot of another party on the 25th like I once did and then leave the party once elected.

The winter of our dissapointment comes

On the other end of the party spectrum are new parties that still have not developed and… the AFK. To force on the savage no affiliated forums or IRC is one thing, but to be… away from any activities in the game as you hold out for more power to enact your unproven leader’s ambition is odd. I heard Tyrael say he’s heard the masses of his party speak to him but has always omitted to be transparent to the public just what they’re saying. But since we don’t know anything due to the lack of communication and activity, for all I know they might not just be savages looking for a new party to replace the bland, absent nature of EPIC but rather disciplined libertarians patiently awaiting their leader’s plan for a new morning in eCanada to be put in place. Hopefully some collaboration outside of forcing a coalition onto other parties will be in these future plans.

I’ve already mentioned Norsefire, and won’t waste my time on the uselessness of the PAQ, especially when compared to the exceptional Union Nationale of the past. So let me sing the praises of the CPF. We know that while the forums and IRC aren’t necessary as MUs like the CoI and HOPE have shown, it’s always good to anticipate some desire left lacking in the game that may even become more apparent as the game continues to shed away or add new features such as the advertisement system or shout feeds for parties. We won’t deny players to have the freedom of joining an IRC channel or forum and conversing with each other there. We won’t let them feel left out of what we’re doing and do all we can to use articles, PM and the shout feeds system as either the primary or an additional system for party information. We have a developed belief system that’s based in the game for everyone to see and apply to its every aspect. We seek involvement, discussion and democracy and are not afraid of getting a little developed in building proper solutions to important problems nor are we scared of a good debate, which I hope this article provokes.

Don’t fight it, embrace it.

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Seven Tenets of the Canadian Progressive Front
1. Uphold the equality of all active Military Units
2. Make the accounting of government funding more open and important
3. Enhance our place in TERRA
4. To respect, recognize and uphold the supremacy of the mechanics of the game
5. Develop a positive political sphere
6. Bring in Canadians to eRepublik
7. To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy, by making forever available credit and bursaries to the general public

- Funky Hum24n, Canadian Progressive Front Party President.
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