The Party

Day 1,694, 14:22 Published in Norway Georgia by Endymionis

With eNorway's current political scene, I think it is time for a new party to emerge, or I rather say The Party.
Norway has long since been liberated, and from today, the Norwegian Liberation Party will close it's final chapter.
Our party has many active players, but not many politicians, our goal is to steadily grow and become a major player on the political field.
The following is intended as a starting point, but it does represent the general view of the party.

no article is complete with out a picture of Norwegian nature - Hamarøy

Party Program

The Party (from now on referred to as TP) will work to strengthen Norway’s political system by giving support and encouragement to new players wanting an entry to politics or junior politicians that wish to take on more responsibility.

TP aims to have an fun, open and including community; not only for the politicians, but also for players primarily interested in the other parts of the game.

Every member of TP will have an equal vote in deciding our politics.

"a party"

TP’s main priorities

Upholding a strict, but fair immigration policy.

Including and providing funding to all eNorwegian soldiers, not just those with high strength.

Securing a balanced distribution of power between Congress and Government.

Uphold a transparency in the activities of the state.


Ideology - TP is in favor of:

Establishing a Nordic Union

The EDEN alliance

A economic system of social programs in balance with moderate taxes that promote trade

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For the upcoming Party President election I will give my support to a very promising politician, Sonstiania .
He is currently Minister of Immigration and serving his ninth term in Congress.


The Party President