[Treian PP] The ULC and what it means for you

Day 1,685, 21:05 Published in Canada Canada by Treian

Greetings eCanada

I was once part of a great dream, the creation and overview of a political party where all eCanadians hung their hat after the restoration of eCanada after our wipe from the map.

This party, known as the CNC was built as a place where every idea, every member and every rank came together to fight one cause for the whole nation. Where independent members with independent ideas came together and were put forth for the betterment of eCanada.

After a while, once other political parties rose up from the ashes, the CNC and CSD merged into EPIC. The EPIC party that is now under the control of Rolo and the coalition.....
I have bought this party off it's PP to take something back from Rolo and to breath new life into this old idea, the idea that individuals of like mind can come together, bringing many different idea's to the table and discuss and put forth great idea's to the benefit of our nation.

The United Loyalists of Canada are to be a group of of citizens who believe in the nation, and that we the people serve that nation, it's population and her interests. We believe in honesty, political transparency, equality for all eCanadians, funding our MU's and keeping them active, and giving players of all experience levels a home to get involved in their country.

The ULC will:
-Advocate for equality among members, and their idea's and opinions
-Uphold a state of transparency on all political stages
-Ensure the eCanadian MU's are funded and kept active with wars
-Aide in new player retention wherever posible
-Abide by the laws and regulations governing congress and the government
-Support it's membership and help each other to achieve our goals

These will be the 6 laws that govern the party in it's original state, and will be amended and added to as the membership see's fit.

I call out to all members of political parties who are currently unhappy in their political situation, or who are looking to be part of something great.

It's time to start a real revolution in eCanada and it starts with all citizens loyal to the nation.

TL😉R- It's time to start something great, join up and make a difference!!

JOIN HERE-> http://www.erepublik.com/en/party/united-loyalists-of-canada-2624/1

Onward and upward
PP of the new ULC