New Era in the Brotherhood

Day 1,678, 21:29 Published in Greece Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of Eden,


1. New EDEN.HQ was elected.
2. EDEN welcomes Netherlands and Taiwan(ROC) as full members, and BiH as a trial

We’re proud to inform you that the new seatholders of EDEN.HQ was elected in the summit which was held in the Day 1,671 of the New World. New administration was determined as stated below:

Napoleon 54 - Supreme Commander

Mihail Cazacu - Assistant Supreme Commander

Nenya - Military Commander

Kloraq - Public Relations Organizer

Atracurium - Economy Organizer

In the previous summit, Netherlands and Taiwan (ROC) have been voted as full members of the Brotherhood. We are delighted to see them in the mighty tree of EDEN, and we deeply congratulate those two nations. They have proven to be loyal, devoted, courageous allies and their leaves are well-deserved. (The tree will be updated soon, our leaf-guy is on sabbatical.)

Bosnia and Herzegovina has also been voted as a new trial member of the Brotherhood. Let’s give them a warm welcome and cherish this incredible nation that has been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with us for ages. We hope to grow even stronger bonds with them and possess no doubt that they will complete their trial term with success.

eRepublik is constantly changing, reforming... But there's one thing that never changes; it is the fear in the eyes and tremble in the hearts of our foes every time the Brotherhood marches on to them.

Victoria aut mors!

With kind regards,

PR Crew