Cabinet Members [June 2012]

Day 1,664, 03:56 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Annihilator10

Dear citizens of ePakistan,

I am truly amazed at how much people are interested to work for the progress of ePakistan. We see a lot of people saying they will do anything for the country. Then, there are some newbies saying that the seniors don’t give chance to the new players and keep everything for themselves. Atleast they cant say this kind of stuff during my term as CP. 🙂

In my last article, I invited every ePakistani, who wants to work for ePakistan, to apply through PM. Unfortunately for ePakistan, just two people applied. I expected a lot of people to apply as these kinds of opportunities don’t come daily knocking on your door.

All said and done, it is obvious now that you people don’t want to work for the country. So I’ll just choose the specific people who always work for ePakistan and have done a lot for ePakistan in the past.

My cabinet comprises of the following people:

Minister Of Foreign Affairs: Raao

Deputy Minister Of Foreign Affairs: Maleficentt

Minister Of Finance: Dodial

Minister Of Interior (ATO head): Av khan

Minister Of Defense: v3nG3R

Deputy Minister Of Defense: Doofknocker

I have full faith in these people and I am sure they will always work in the best interest of the country.

Pakistan Zindabad!