Elect Rylde & Rolo June 5th

Day 1,654, 23:34 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

Well wasn't that kinda unexpected in more ways than one. Sperry has officially left the building siting RL concerns. Hard to blame him, he turned the CP chair into a Full Time reality show with an insane amount of activity. Say what Rolo's your VP? That will be explained as well.

What can you expect from a Rylde Presidency?

Daily battle orders won't change to keep everyone informed. I don't plan on releasing an article daily with what cereal I had for breakfast but I will insure the public is well informed of all major decisions.

We have officially left EDEN and I want to strengthen our ties in Terra our now primary alliance.
We won't rock the boat and we will go through the proper channels to clear any plans me and my crack team can cook up. Although I do tend to cook with Gasoline.
Leaving EDEN gives us more wiggle room and less red tape to cut through for any future CP.

I want our MU's well taken care of as a military first kinda guy and I won't tolerate massive cuts. I want Canada's soldiers to recieve the best we have to offer and have them well armed fighting for the pride of the country.

I will be actively checking all channels for an active war we can iniate because this is a browser game and we all deserve to have some fun and entertainment.


Vice President- Rolo Tahmasee

A pick outta left field I know given our past history together. Regardless of my personal feelings towards him he's an asset that must be used for the benefit and not hinderence of the country.

He's experienced and he knows his S*** and I'll need someone like that leading me through my trials as a first ever CP.
Its a tactical decision and lets be honest no one else would give me the time of day as they were all on the Sperry train.
I'm not the type of guy who goes back on his word either to find someone else now that Sperry is out of the picture.

Minister of Defence- Eric Last

Eric last is a good friend of mine and is currently in the CP cabinet and in the loop of all the goings on. I'll need a guy to get me up to speed if I'm elected and continue doing a Stellar job for Canada. He'll be an invaluable source of support and intel.

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Wally Cleaver

Again an oddball choice from me but he's active and on IRC alot which will be good for communication. No one wanted to be in my Cabinet so I will stand by my word and the way I see it with the work involved he's doing me a favour.

Minister of Finance- Chochi

Guys smarter than me and good with numbers. Plus I can use an honest hardnosed player like this to keep me honest so all the voters know all of our finances are well taken care of. He's a long time trustworthy player that can be counted upon.

Official Advisor- Treian

Again an old friend that knows the mechanics of the game that I can lean upon for support. He has been looking for a reason to get more active and involved in the game. So I'm offering this to him to give him that chance. The guys solid and a true patriot.

Minister of Mercenaries- Simon Boucher Ruest

Another good bud of mine thats good at whatever he does. I still firmly believe in the use of mercs as a form of damage booster for any campaign we find ourselves involved in.

Thats it, a good mix of players who are well liked and well respected with some players who aren't so much. I'm willing to see past that if you are for the hope of having a well oiled machine at the helm running the nation.

Sometimes its about who can do the job best and who's available to do that job at the time.

I would like a clean shot to prove that i can do the job because when I throw myself behind something good things happen no matter what they are.