[CP] Into the West

Day 1,654, 12:42 Published in Canada Canada by Sperry

331 days ago I released an article called “Regarding Hobbits.” It was my first article as Canada’s President.
This will be my last.

I have been thinking about eRepublik almost non-stop since I left work last month. It enthrals me: I can (and do) monologue at length about the goings-on of Canada to anyone willing to listen. And anyone unwilling, as my “boy” has discovered. For the past week, I’ve been thinking harder about it. About why I play, what parts I like, what parts annoy me, and so on and so forth.

I am, in a word, disappointed.

Not disappointed because I’m not “winning” or because I’m not “God Emperor.” I think some of the comments, shouts, and articles over the past 3 months have shown that I get my ego stroked plenty well on here, and that I’ve “won” a lot of social battles. I’m not disappointed because Canada left EDEN (I’ve wanted to since last year), and I’m not disappointed because some people don’t like me (I don’t like them either).

I’m disappointed with myself.

eRep has become a sort of Second Life, a half life. I can’t die on eRep, I can’t be hurt, I can’t lose: you can only win in a game with no consequences. But this unicorn blood has started to stain me. In March and April, I neglected work to rebuild a cult of Internet gerbils. In early May I passed up a well-paying job because I knew I would be busy playing President. This weekend I’ll be in Toronto with “the boy” for the first time in weeks, and - for eRep - I had scheduled which hours I would spend with him and which hours I would spend with eCanada.

So I’m cutting the cord.

Just moments ago Nea opened an Impeachment vote. I was hoping to let Plugson do it, but this will have to do. Congress should vote Yes if they know what’s good for them. Don’t worry about your mandatory discussion period - “illegal” (made up rule) does not matter, and regardless of how inactive Connor is, he’ll be logging in more than I will over the next 5 days.

This is a selfish choice.

I recognize that this is going to hurt eCanada. I recognize that Connor will be landed with work he does not want, and that Cabinet will have to make his transition easier by providing him with the information we have stowed in our various GDocs. I recognize how “eHistory” will remember me and how this will look like a rage quit, cowardly run, or “omg Rylde so scary.”

I genuinely, honestly, do not care.

I have purged 20 Favourites, 91 Bookmarks, and 201 eRepublik files. I have dissolved my meagre estates and passed what I have on to my friends. Nosyt has control over the NCM GDoc and Eric controls the others, including the CCD password. This will make an infuriating situation just a little easier.

I want to see mountains, Gandalf (Plugson).

I do not plan to login again. I do not plan to watch votes, comments, messages, or shouts. Acacia will no doubt have plenty to speak to this afternoon, but he will do so without me. To my detractors, most particularly Rylde, enjoy the game. Play safe and have fun. To my supporters, keep looking for ways to better the game for those who still have the energy to play. And to the men I admire - Nosyt, Plugson, GT, Acacia, Etem, Charmander, Rigour, Oliver, and anyone I’ve forgotten - thank you.

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.