General Cartman Lee has been eliminated! (Troll)

Day 1,631, 11:10 Published in USA USA by Jason Statham Jr

Hey guys I hope you enjoy it.

*A picture of Gen. Cartman Lee and his secret bunker gets on the net*

*eUSA is on alert and seeking any clue that might help in catching him*

*Meanwhile the General makes a video from inside his secret bunker and post it on the net*

*eUSA catches the signal* *eUSA special unit of hackers does its best but cant localize the exact place where he is hiding*

*But a soldier patroling finds a sign*

*He tells his superior officer, it seems that the General put that sign there so his lover could find him*

*The President of the eUSA gets the good news and immediately sends the best army unit of the eUSA to get him*

*Meanwhile the Sec. of Def makes a statemant for the press*

"We have located the infidel and at this very moment our best unit is dealing with him"

*After 30 min another man makes a press announcement*

"The target whas eliminated, it was really easy, the bunker whas to small for a tactical approach so the guys just threw a grenade in there and let the fat lady sing"

This is a pamphlet and should be treated as one

I hope you enjoyd it, sorry for bad english 😁

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