Xenorun banned. u can be next one.

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Now, I don't usually write articles about this sort of stuff...I'm one of those guys who thinks "stuff happens", with a little more profanity in the idea.

But...The recent ban on xenorun...it just makes me...

My mind is full of...

I don't even know where I want to start with this...

Well, alright, I guess I'll explain the ban first.
Xenorun was banned for the "reason" for having multis.
You can see this on his profile: http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/5502960
Now, we should all note that making multis was a practice that lost popularity the moment it was introduced in eSK. It was just another way of throwing an insult at the opposing side. Anyone who actually performed the practice did it poorly, and we can see this from the bans in those old days where people got desperate for congress votes...

My brother introduced this to me when he found it on misc. last year. He couldn't stop laughing...

How did Grease manage to get elected in a tight spot of Congress for eSK? Well, it's simple, he just told a bunch of Koreans on a gaming site to come join the game and vote for him when the day came. This was one of the first babybooms to happen to eSK, for native Korean speakers at least, and as far as I'm concerned, it didn't have any multis involved. I mean, Koreans are great at microing in Starcraft, but that doesn't mean they'll try to do it in a game like eRepublik...

We've got a lot of the macro in eRepublik, I guess.

So, you can see, there's no reason for anyone to be making multis. (Unless they're like me and really lonely, but that's what I have waifus for.)

Maybe that's why waifus are pretty popular.

Why was xenorun accused for this then?

Well, the time when Q3 training grounds were introduced and Plato or some marketing guy thought it was cool to put in a discount for it as well (along with a gold sale, but that's not important ;P ), I whined that I didn't have enough gold in the Lego IRC channel. (15 away from 28...) Someone directed me to a page with logs of names and numbers...figuring from what they told me as well, it seemed that a Lego MU Bank existed. (I didn't know about it until now, so I figured someone just made it quickly for the Q3 training ground promotion.) Initially, I thought, "oh, this is neat", and it was even neater when I found out that the gold loans provided would have 0% interest, on the condition you paid back at some point of course.


Of course, I took the offer as I really wanted to get stronger faster, and I was pleased to see that it was a reality when I got an alert saying xenorun had donated 10 gold to me.

Hmm, pause for a sec. You're probably thinking, "Xenorun? Donating 10 gold to some poor guy?"

Watch out man.

Well, that's the reality and truth, yeah. To explain it further, xenorun was the main responsible guy behind the Lego MU Bank. If I'm correct, he was the one sending out all of the gold loans to poor guys like me who wanted to be stronger faster.

Work it HARDER. Make it BETTER. Do it FASTER. Makes us STRONGER.

Now, if you're one of the guys working under a boss who believes money is god and you look at transactions of 10 gold constantly being sent to people from one guy, you're thinking "Oh! This must be some new exploit that involves a guy with multis funding his multis so that they can become stronger, and then he'll have all of his multis using bazookas and energy bars obtained from Daily Orders!". Well, kudos to you and your conspiracy theories, but you're fortunately very wrong. (I don't think I need to explain why the forementioned exploit is just plain, plain silly, do I?)


If you're that same guy, you probably and most likely just banned xenorun thinking you did the honourable deed of the day, saving the eWorld from unfairness. Unfortunately, you did the opposite. And no, you're not getting that payrise either.

For about 6 months, eSK has been without congress (let's just say, eTaiwan and eChina really, really like us for some reason), but regardless, many citizens of eSK have taken it upon themselves to start and fund many newbie projects in eSK. I can remember being shown the link to a Korean guide of starting eRep on youtube (It's unlisted, don't count on being able to search for it) and having seen countless screenshots from someone using plugins which translated things into Korean. Don't even get me started on the food runs or tank supplies. A lot of people have helped with all sorts of projects undercover, and I'd just like to take a few words to congratulate and thank them for their effort.

Now a bank isn't that far fetched of another idea we could use to help newbies with right? I mean, every community has its own idea of helping people. If Lego MU wanted to provide 0% interest gold loans to people to assist with them in upgrading their training grounds, then couldn't they have the freedom to do so? Personally, I think that the whole bank thing is a great idea, as it loaned at a time where the upgrade was cheaper, and thus nobody would have lost any gold from upgrading it at a later date and now have the potential to get Super Soldiers fast. (Mind you, the Bank has nothing to gain from this, and perhaps there's even the risk of loss.)

Knowing that many projects have to have leaders behind them, we can relate this to our current situation. Where xenorun, the main person in charge of the Lego MU Bank, was trying to help even the non-newbies get their Q3 training grounds. It's only logical if you're the person in charge of such a project that you'd have direct funds available to use for the project, even if it's not the entire budget dedicated to it. Well, xeno clicked his fingers off sending the collaborated 1000 or more gold to people who asked for it, and what did he get? A nice, hefty ban stamped upon his forehead.

It may as well be that all over the page.

...now, we're a closer knit community than a lot of you would think. We like to communicate between each other and help each other all the time. Sometimes, this community thing is warped a few times and is taken as hostility. To be fair, I think it's unwarranted sometimes, but you can't include some people without excluding others.

So the idea of taking advantage of the training ground discount by getting a lot of our citizens to upgrade while it was cheaper and save some gold alongside the use of a Bank method funded by some guys who are richer than me isn't really that silly, is it?

"What are you talking about? That's totally unrealistic and a multi scenario-"

I'll be damn right honest with you, I play a rhythm game where we've got Chinese, Taiwanese, Koreans, Japanese, Americans, Russians, Australians, Indonesians, Malaysians, German, and just about every nationality under the sun playing it. Now, some of those Koreans came off as xenophobic to me, since the moment I'd enter the room they'd kick me without saying anything once they saw I was from New Zealand. I later learned that the reason was because it was a "Korean only" room, and I thought this was plain silly. From maybe two bad experiences, I had already developed a stereotypical quality for Korean gamers.

One of those gamers who makes you hate the game more than the player, despite the fact being that they're just way better than you.

Logging into IRC, I don't even say hi, but someone will go "Hello Allen" and remind me that there are bad apples in every batch, and that it should be the good ones that stand out the most to us. Chatting in Lego IRC has cast away a lot of the doubts I've had with the Korean culture, and I'd like to thank all of you who have chatted to me for enlightening and brightening my day with your achknowledgement of my presence.

After all that I've typed out, my stance on this topic should be clear. I believe that the ban placed on xenorun was unfairly placed, it should be removed, and it does a lot of harm to the community that could not be mended with another 1000 gold. (You don't fix 1000 gold floating out there with another 1000 gold, that's just like, gonna cause inflation or something.)

Admin, if you somehow think that xenorun deserved this ban, then show us all the evidence behind this multi activity and prove us "wrong". If nothing is done about it, I'm not afraid to say that a lot of people might call it "GG". (Only, without the sincerity.)