Agreement between eIndonesia and eMalaysia

Day 1,609, 14:21 Published in Malaysia Hungary by Linkinstile
Dear Readers,

I’ve want to inform you about the agreement between eIndonesia and eMalaysia.

The signatories agree to cease all hostilities from 16th of April until 5th of May, and will go into effect after being published in the respective journals and signed by both parties.

1. eMalaysia commits itself:
a. not to declare eIndonesia as a Natural Enemy for the period of this agreement.
b. not liberate Sabah region from eIndonesia.

2. eIndonesia commits itself:
a. not to declare eMalaysia as a Natural Enemy for the period of this agreement.
b. to help eMalaysia to liberate Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak regions before the 21st of April.

3. In the event that Sabah is liberated from eIndonesia control by any means, eMalaysia would act as a partner to transfer it back to eIndonesia.

4. In the event that point [3] is in effect, point [1.a] and point [2.a] is considered null until Sabah is returned to eIndonesia’s control.

5. Both country will formally request their respective allies to contribute towards honoring this agreement.

6. Conditions of the Non-Aggression Pact
a. eMalaysia will not join an attacking country against eIndonesia in the case of a standard war.
b. eMalaysia will defend eIndonesia in the case of a Resistance War (RW) in eIndonesian held eMalaysian territories as dictated in point [1.b]
c. eMalaysia will stay neutral in any RW in a territory owned by eIndonesia OTHER THAN an eMalaysian territory .
d. eIndonesia will play no part in decisions about eMalaysia’s commitment to a war that does not involve Indonesia.

7. Additional condition
a. eMalaysia could only has one of these two countries (China or Romania) in eMalaysian stack of MPP
b. in the event which condition in point [7.a] was broken, eIndonesia will have right to attack Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak permanently.
c. eMalaysia would have to pay fine of 500,000 MYR per region to nullify eIndonesian right stated in point [7.b]

The next Governments can renew this Agreement in their cycles, between 25th and 5th days.

Signed by:

President of eIndonesia

President of eMalaysia