Rylde's Message to the MDP

Day 1,609, 01:19 Published in Canada Canada by Rylde

With that image I do say there's nothing left to oppress. IMO EPC's goals of having Rolo find a sudden spark of goodwill and enlightment are unattainable.

Its one of the reasons I resigned from EPC and slung my rifle. The other was seeing the state of the party I founded was in. Members leaving, Inactivity and no true direction. (Honestly being a member was to frackin expensive on the bank account lmao, I kid). Seeing SaraD get played was the back breaker.

Twas all in good fun as far as i'm concerned.

I did not agree with the direction MDP took or how all its congressmen voted in the past. I will be the first to say none of that will be held against you and each and every member will be invited to run for congress based on activity and drive.

Actually the party had direction it just didn't have the get your hands dirty direction. Messaging each member personally. Asking if they wanted to get more involved and how. Finding that all elusive new blood. Kinda how Sasha got his start and something he missed along the way.

You can write your face blue for 2 months but unless you identify who's in your party and how each can be best utilized u ain't gonna hit big. MDP has always hit big for its size and it will do so again under my steady leadership.

Its prolly why I was elected PP after 3 months away as a 2 time traitor and enemy of the state. Because when I'm here working for the party and eCanada, I get sh@t done.

One of my top priorities will be to identify a new MDP LEADER for the future who I will groom for the next time I turn traitor.

I read Rolo's PM to my membership that was posted on forum and I will only ask once this one time respectfully for him to not try to bribe my memebership away with tanks.

I am no more the anti christ u make me out to be than you are and if u want to go that route.

I'll throw down the gauntlet with you

You can't buy loyalty you Frackin pissant.