For eIndonesia

Day 1,608, 07:27 Published in Malaysia Hungary by Linkinstile

Dear Citizens of eIndonesia,

I write this article, because I’d like you to have a clear view about eMalaysia.

There were several incidence and mistakes from both sides in the near past. Because of these and the RL emotions our relation has been poisoned. It is due partly to the activity of the E/T TO groups. Luckily we’ve de-emphasized them successfully, and under my control it has begun to build neutral eMalaysia again, which we’ll be able to strengthen by ONE mpps also.

For that it’s necessary to let eMalaysia being a sovereign state.
Because of this, we eMalaysians usually support rws and fight in them, because until we don’t have a land we can’t do else, only struggling for it.
Although we do it without a success I think it obligate few million influences which would be useful elsewhere as the balance of power is about equal between the main alliances.
I’ve contacted you government, and we are close to sign the agreement, but we need your support also, to get closer again and live peacefully next to each other.
I hope I can confide in your support.

Linkinstile, a citizen and the CP of eMalaysia