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Gentlemen,Yesterday i Steped into the Presidential Office with a Vision to work with the Best of my ability to do my bit in bringing ePakistan closer to its former glory.Although i was the only candidate,I'd like to thank all those who voted me.

When i first started to take part in government's work,it wasn't for the reason that i'm good at it,it was because we didn't had many people who were doing it.I am not a genius,i accept that..but i have the ability to get things done..Individually we can't do much but Together,i believe 'We can move Mountains' !!

In my humble opinion,e😜resident Bozli did a great job and had two good terms,at times i saw epakistan Alive like it should be,we fought,we defeated the enemy but we could not get the congress unfortunetly.We may try again,we might win but eventually our enemies are gonna take everything we have.why? cuz we are weak...and we have to accept the fact!

Out of the deep depths of misfortune comes bliss.

It is my belief that the Only way to Rise in this World is by increasing our Population,that's why Gentlemen,yes We Will do Another Attempt of The BabyBoom.But this time more Organized and well planned.I also believe that Retention is as important as recruitment.

My plans include:

>Making Promotional and Tutorial videos
>Ads on facebook,Forums and other games
>spaming links on Social networks and forums

>Keeping track of Newbies by using sites like Maxihellas and keeping the FB page and group Alive and active.
>reaching out to the newbies using Pak Army shouts,spoting them using 'Who is online list'.
and sending them PMs constantly.
>Strong Media,competitions.
>Active chat forum.

Details will be provided later.
To carry out these plans,a BabyBoom Team has been formed and it will be operational in a couple of days.Names at the end of the article.If you wanna be a part of this or help us in any way just send me a msg.

I plan to run a government with a proper structure.That has the Capacity for Our young Generation to come forward and learn,cuz they are our Future.For this purpose,i have included many young people in my cabinet along with Senior guys.

Here is my Cabinet,

Minister of Foriegn Affairs-Bozli
Vice MoFA-Bence mate
Vice MoFA-Osman hameed

Minister of Defence-Alien Fury
Vice MoD-Taurus Guy

Minister of Finance/economics-Dodial
vice MoF-Faris is Back

Minister of Interior-SycroN
vice MoI-Noshal

Media and Social Affairs team:
Asif Pakistan
Hammad javed
Abdul Rehman Iqbal

Following are the initial members of the
BabyBoom team:

Mohammad Bilal
Cluster storms
Wehshi Gujjar
Rafay Ahmed
Abuzar Aslam5
Asif pakistan
hammad javed
Osman hameed
Taurus guy
Faris is back
Dead man 03
ch umar
Rahman sandhu
Tahir Awan

After bitterness comes the sweet.

These were my basic ideas and plans,i kept them short and simple so that we can Focus on the things that are Important.I assure you that these plans can work but only if each and everyone of us accept his Responsibilty and Work with best of his ability.

On 17 April,BabyBoom Project will officially be launched,we have 10 days to Organize,Plan and get ready...That's all Gentlemen..o7