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1V Congress and an answer to the MUs

Day 1,889, 01:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by T White II

Below is One Visions final list for the January 2013 Congress elections:

1. GameChanger
2. Arthur Coull
3. jimmystar
4. Anaxima
5. Fritz179
6. D I W
7. Piotreqs
8. T White II
9. nathaner
10. LongShotzZ
11. Joshua Whelan

In other news, some members of the party have been asked questions on our parties position with MU. Some of us were asked:

hi XXXXXXXXXX, Could you expand on what your party stands for, while I can appreciate that your party wants freedom, equality and honesty, I have to think of what party does not openly come in favour for these things?

I guess my question is do you have a vision for your name of One Vision? In particular what is your party view when it comes to MU's and government funding?

Also I heard Alfy was your founder put he is not on the party executive, does he wish to sit out of party politics for a bit?


Our reply to this is:

"We believe that MU's should all be given the chance to become the official government MU via process of election. Government funding should be used to fund programmes that offer everyone something from them but this should not have to affect taxes because they are substantially high as it is."


I hope that every member running for congress has a successful term and that their political terms are long and prosperous. Congratulations to all current 1V Congress members for a great start to 1V congress terms.

G'luck all.




jamesw Day 1,889, 02:01

You want to elect MUs? This is just begging for more politicisation, which is exactly what I think we need to avoid. Government funding should not go to private MUs, because they are exactly that: private. Government support in terms of recruitment, logistics and PR can be given to those who are meet any Government set criteria to become 'official'.

D I W Day 1,889, 02:03

Pist you have put wheels and LS both at 10


T White II
T White II Day 1,889, 02:05


LongShotzZ Day 1,889, 02:27

It does not state that government funding should go to MU's, but merely asking for the chance to be recognised as the official MU, if Legion was elected as the official MU then nobody would have any quarells with that but it hasn't so far, at least have a fair vote on the matter!

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,889, 06:47

There was a congress vote and Legion was deemed not to be the official MU, the CP overode that decision.

As Legions position was granted by Talon, defended by BigAnt then precedent has it that the status is by provision of the CP.

why not allow any MU that wants funding to apply for it. They would have to give a detailed report of their MU;s workings and supplies. If they receive funding then they have some regulation from the government to make sure they are spending the funds on what the government had given it for them to do. Those with funding would be more likely to have followed the CP's DO's or else they will not get funding the next month.

I think the whole idea of a National MU is to linear in thinking.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,889, 09:36

We can't afford to spend anything on MUs, especially in the current climate of tax cuts and binging on supplies even when fighting smaller countries.

^ so maybe a taxes should not be this low?

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