[IP] Independent Party, the return of a truly Independent alternative

Day 1,586, 06:28 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Daniel Parker

This is not us 😉

IP brings back a new sound to the political spectrum of the Netherlands.
A determined voice on which the people of our country can rely on.

The Independent Party wants to protect personal freedom, social justice and democratic values; to make a healthier and friendlier nation.

The Independent Party is a party that gives its members complete freedom, including freedom of thought, speech, opinion and political conviction. It offers an open platform where people can share their ideas and get input from others. It does not have a detailed party program which limits the individual freedom.

Everybody within the Independent Party is equally important: no matter how long you have been around in eRepublik or what your area of expertise is. Anybody who stands out because of enthusiasm, activity, political capabilities, etc. will get an equal chance to get into politics in all freedom. It's quality, not quantity, we strive to get.

The Independent Party is a party that seeks to work together with all citizens and other parties. More can be achieved when working together, than when working alone. Independence does not equal isolationism!

If this appeals to you, we urge you to vote for our party, and help out to make our country great.

Who to vote for?

Independent Party Party slowly is coming back from it's earlier demise, that doesn't mean we aren't willing or able to join in on the changed Dutch political landscape. You can find your local IP candidate on the voting list under the IP logo (where available).

Daniel Parker
Party President Independent Party

Independent Party; where ideas are given wings!