The Workers Have Spoken

Day 1,539, 21:09 Published in India USA by Octavius Dryst

Our Anthem

Greetings my fellow citizens and workers of eIndia. I write you today to announce the death of India United. The party that, for many months, dominated eIndian politics has been disbanded. The parties message and intent no longer was apparent and drastic change became needed.

As is often the case with such things the end of India United will usher in the new beginning of the Indian Workers Party. Over the past week a series of workers councils have been held on irc. Through these discussions we have established a new template for India's Socialist party.

A forum will be established and all members will be encouraged to participate in its discussions and debates. We are a party oriented towards the populace, and want your input on how to build a better eIndia. Once the forum is established we will begin discussions on what domestic issues must be addressed in our nation.

The general goal of this new party will be to better the lives of the common citizen. For too long our governments have focused on the needs of the special few with wealth and control of the means of production. We will focus on spreading our wealth to ensure that our base is as strong as it can be, and you the reader are our nations base.

We will struggle to create an inviting and active social community, and have many suggestions to add to the MoMC's already exemplary performance. We will aim to make this game fun for those without the resources to fight for Battle Heros daily. We will represent you, the worker.

Silly Song

IU as a name will exist until the 16th and PP elections, but it is a hollow name that holds no meaning for the present. The past dies today, and we have only a bright future to look forward to. Join us eIndian brothers, together we can build our country into something truly MIGHTY

Octavius Dryst