Daniel Parker has left eRepublik

Day 1,491, 17:35 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Daniel Parker

Today is the last day I play erepublik.

I've been anticipating this day for quite some time now.
I've slowly become more drawn away from this game, mainly because my RL is way busier now then it ever was, but until now that never kept me fully from playing this game, simply because I really enjoyed my time here with others alot.

We've all seen this game slowly from a multiplayer strategy game into a skin for farmville. The political modules has never changed in the years I played. The forum still has this totally unbelievable message for months now:

"We know you like to hang out with us on the forum, but at the moment is not available because a few technical issues."

I paid for gold in this game, not only to keep up, but also to improve. I didn't mind, a hobby may cost a nickel. I still believe that. However, it must stay realistic, and asking for new players to invest 200 Euro to buy a new Q6 company just isn't.
I have had many complaints about this game being a fair platform: simple swearwords get banned, while reported multies don't. Api for Statistic scripts sites that liven the game greatly get blown out frequently, while battle-scripts go 'unnoticed'.

There used to be a counter of the frontpage proudly displaying the number of players in erepublik, the number dropped so much it was taken down. (which this article probably will also, simply because it's bad PR)

This is what you get if you constantly ignore your customers, and treat them like a milkcow. No more, I've had it. I'll spend my dimes on something else which is more fun, like beer and hookers.

p.s. don't ask for my gold, all of my 115 gold has been given away
p.p.s. congress election predictions DemNL 6, I&W 6, TDP 5, GPN 3, party#5 0