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Day 1,486, 02:48 Published in Greece Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

We announced lately that we have some surprises in store for you. EDEN is growing and Portugal was not the only wolf joining the pack.

Many of you know that in order to join EDEN, one has to go through a trial period first. Usually the trial period amounts to 3 months time. Trial is a period when the country under focus has to prove whether they are EDEN material or not. Some countries needed less than that (Bulgaria) while others needed to wait until the end of the 3 months. Others been through trial for even more than that and in the end they proved unsuccessful (Latvia).

However, the title of “EDEN trial membership” is not as glamorous as being a member of EDEN. It doesn`t create the cohesion between the respective country`s citizens and the EDEN ones. For EDEN is a family and if you can`t feel it, then you can`t fight for it.

This is the reason we came up with a new idea - create a sister alliance to EDEN. This should create enough motivation for our EDEN youngest leaves to grow with us and join our family.
For now nothing changes in the trial membership process. This new alliance will function under the same rules and maybe in time we will add new attributes. The only change this move does is to show to our youngest leaves that they are appreciated and respected just like any other EDEN member. We welcome our new brothers and sisters with open arms.

Our sister alliance name is Garden of EDEN Alliance. Simple and concise and with the purpose of showing our ties and our values.

In the ancient Greek and European mythology, Gea (or Gaea, or Gaia) was the primordial Goddess of the Earth, the great mother of both Gods and Men, and even to this day, when people refer to the spirit of the Earth as a living being, with its trees and seas and underground resources, it speaks of the Earth Mother - Gea

That being said I would like to welcome GEA with its 3 leaves: Albania, India and Netherlands into the family of EDEN.

EDEN, the eternal alliance, meet GEA, the loving Earth from which we gather our resources, our strength and our future!

I also like to thank to The_Clairvoyant the artist who created this amazing GEA logo and who is in the same time our EDEN aSC!

The last but not least, I want to present you with the newest addition in the EDEN HQ. For our readers it is not really news. You seen his articles before. He is a very good writer. He is reliable and capable of representing EDEN successfully. He is our new Public Relations assistant - S.Ribeiro. And who knows what will the future bring him. After all, Octavius Julius started the same way, he worked hard for his country Israel and for EDEN and in the end was elected as Supreme Commander.
This is the kind of people we need in the EDEN HQ, people reliable and motivated for success and who will take EDEN to a new level!

In the end I would like to greet our new GEA brothers and to wish S.Ribeiro good luck in his new position!

Your EDEN PR, bringing you more messages of loving your enemies `till death do them apart.


As we have promised, we would like to dedicate our following articles to our new leaf and branches of the Brotherhood. Therefore, I would like to ask for your attention to one of our new, most exotic members of the Garden of EDEN Alliance, the Indian Republic.

For those who do not know, for quite some time, this beautiful place has been a neutral, rather isolated country, trying its best to survive foreign influences or PTO attempts. Despite its neutrality, they have previously helped EDEN countries in the past (Karnakata being rented to a former EDEN member, USA, comes to mind). For a long time they have tried to create an identity… they tried to gain a relevant position in the eWorld.

But one cannot become respected without defining clearly who their allies are. Trying to gain respect without doing such a basic thing, will make you the mockery of the eWorld. Those are the countries who fight for the enemies of the friends, just for their selfish interests and protection… just look at United Faildom, for a clear example of this.

This is why India finally decided that their future lies with their friends in the Brotherhood of EDEN. Committing to one’s allies and fostering true friendships is the most basic of steps for having a meaningful position in the world. There is no better place to do that than in EDEN.

So, what can India offer us?

In spite of the real life high population of the Indian Republic, in this game they have a rather small one. However, this does not mean they cannot be relevant. Right now, they seek to create a nationally funded strike force, that will do its best to help the Brotherhood while some of its members sleep. It is our job to watch the growth of that force carefully and help where needed.

I was honestly impressed with the friendless of some Indians I have met during my stay on eRepublik and honestly, there are not many countries where that friendliness has been matched. I hope to see more of you getting your voices heard on international affairs, and this you will be your first test in your search for that goal.

So, we proudly welcome our new Garden of EDEN member and hope that you will quickly climb the ladder and become integrated as a full member of the Brotherhood as soon as you become ready for it. We look forward to fighting alongside you in the future, not as allies anymore, but rather as brothers!




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