Attention All Americans, Canadians and All Citizens of Erepublik!!!!

Day 144, 13:25 Published in USA USA by Uncle John

I went to war with against the Canadians early yesterday morning, only to have my ass handed to me by a strong Canadian defense line. I was very discouraged since my wellness was dropped to 10%, and could not fight. I noticed a couple of America's strongest and most respected citizens were somehow getting their wellness back to 100%, most notably, Uncle Sam, Emerick and Dishmcds. I messaged the latter two asking how they got their wellness up so fast after losing in battle, and this is the response I received from both of them.

"Go to the "you have been defeated" part in the war module under the specific region you fought in. Click on "Go to hospital" and you should be able to do that multiple times. I dont know if it"s a bug or not, but thats how I did it."

- Dishmcds (head of DoD):

"It"s a bug I think. Don"t tell any Canadians, but where it says you lost, and "click here to get wellness", or something like that, click there, and click on the hospital button. Then go back to the battle screen and do the same thing until you have 100 wellness

Don"t tell any Canadians, or any foreigners for that matter"

- Emerick

Now, I am proud to fight for the Americans in this war, but I am not proud to fight in a cheated war for this country, giving all respectful Americans a bad name.
I know there has been a lot of talk about whether or not the Americans knew they were cheating or not, and this is proof that not only did these two knowingly abuse the glitch, but also spread the word of the glitch asking others to do the same. I do not believe in cheating and what these American's did was wrong.
I have attached a screen shot of Emerick's message, and I can provide the screenshot of Dishmcds message if anyone would like to see it as proof.

I urge every reader to vote this article to the top so everyone can see that the American's did in fact cheat, and in fact encouraged all other citizens to cheat as well.
I am American and I love my country in real life, but what these eAmerican's did made me lose all respect for this country and I will be joining the Canadian resistance.


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