The HQ And Plans Of This Month

Day 1,480, 14:53 Published in Poland Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by ONE HQ
Dear friends,

Let me announce the staff of the Headquarters for December:

Secretary Generals: Iain Keers & aVie
deputy SG: Baltazar8
Military Commander: Unihorn
deputy Military Commanders: Wirtschaftsprufer, Yoso, Mr.Dibi, Jesser, Alex.L, gid1
Department of International Relations: Coolinbun, Rhual, Lonestar, Mikrobi, Strumjanin

As you might see the HQ has been enlarged. We distributed the tasks so that the alliance become more effective and we can fulfill our plans.

Our main plan is to erase all the Terra-EDEN countries one by one😉 For this brilliant plan we need some changes.

First of all we will establish a mobile unit of strong soldiers that can be put into action anywhere in the New World at any time. Yes, even in bad weather! Where their conspicuous avatar appears in the battle, the enemy will know they have to spend all their euros to win! The unit will be called ONE Mobile Army lead by dMC Jesser, who got large experience leading and directing army units during the many cycles as Minister of Defense.

On ONE side we don't let elite units decide the battles. We count on our population since the alliance is built from living humans who feel love, enthusiasm and patriotism for not only their countries, but also for the whole alliance. We will build on this base and found a civil army from our enthusiastic civilians. They are probably not strong, nor fight 240 times a day, but they are many! And by organizing them their influence can decide important battles and defeat the card players. This unit is being organized by Kibla.

We are sure by these changes and the upcoming further enlargement we will provide a good gaming experience in this month for both ONE member states and the Terra-EDEN.