Oblige for President: The Complete Cabinet

Day 1,475, 20:09 Published in USA USA by Oblige

Dear America,

I’m Oblige and I’m running for President of these eUnited States of America

Let's recap: 1.) my announcement 2.) my Executive Team 3.) my Defense Team and 4.) my Diplomacy Team 5.) my Media Team.

Here is my complete cabinet:

President: Oblige

Vice President: rainy sunday

Chief of Staff: s0beit

+Deputy Chiefs of Staff: YoungHOOD, Artela

NSC Director: Vanek26

+NSC Deputy Directors: Kria Erikson, Ralph Ericson, Kijiman, Armandez, Ghost Killah, Garmr, and Israel Stevens

Secretary of Defense: Artela

+OMS Director: SGT_Rock

+Deputy Secretaries of Defense: Eli Crownover, Zach Goldsmith

Secretary of State: Alexander_Auctoritas

+Director of Ambassadorial Affairs: Tenshibo

--Under Secretaries of State: Jude Connors, franciscodemiranda, Evry, Synesi

Secretary of Media: Gnilraps

+White House Press Corps Director: Israel Stevens

--Whitehouse Press Corps: Jude Connors, Ralph Ericson, Kooguy, Cody Caine, Portcolumbus

+eNPR Executive Producer: Jude Connors

--eNPR Hosts: GoalieBCSC, Alexander_Auctoritas, Cerb, Artela

Secretary of the Interior: Jerseygirldani

+Deputy Secretaries of the Interior: rainysunday, Zyria

Secretary of the Treasury: Kemal Ergenekon

+Deputy Secretary of the Treasury: AnakaLeader

Secretary of Education: Macros the “Black”

Secretaries of Technology: Blazix & Stephen Goldsmith

Human Resources Director: Angelini

Congressional Liaison: Eli Crownover

TERRA Reps: GoalieBCSC, Pfeiffer

Oliver Cromwell: Pfeiffer

Top Gun Commanding Officer: Publius

+Top Gun Instructors: XtaSia, GoalieBCSC, rainy sunday, Pauly Walnutz, Pfeiffer

Advisors: Cromstar, Firo Prochainezo, xDavidx, ilphen, Colin Lantrip, Cerb, Blank

Applications still being accepted! http://bit.ly/ObligeCabinetApp