[CP] State of the Nation Week 1

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President & Cabinet

It is an honor to be elected country president of this nation. Thank you for supporting me and believing was was ready to take this position. I will do, with the best of my ability,

Advisors : Hekter & Paul Delos Santos
Minister of Foreign Affairs : maartenw
Minister of Defense : Mr aNiallator
National Citizenship & Immigration Services : Jelly9473 & Requiem Domine

Philippines United Military Agency
Chairman :
(SET-J😎 Paul Delos Santos
Members :
(Armed Forces of the Philippines) Mr aNiallator
(Elite Assassins) MasterBaker
(Junji Batallion) Indielfi
(Pacific Air Corps) Berritas
(International Brigades) Edlarion Sionnodel

Alliances & Mutual Protection Pacts


We are not part of the Terra/EDEN or ONE alliance. We are and have been a neutral nation.

"Then why do we have MPPs with USA, Cyprus, Canada, Russia, and Norway?

It is simply easier to get alliances with Terra/EDEN because during the start of my presidency we already had an ongoing MPP with USA. If ONE members wanted to make MPPs with ePhilippines it is always a possibility.

We need MPPs to give available battles to our Military Units around the clock, so that all soldiers are able to finish their missions and train without having to move abroad and leaving our nation.


I would like to recognize the following ePH Citizens who have helped to set up these MPPs.


Canada - Catapult
Russia - Requiem Domine
Norway - Sigurd Aasen


New Commander

I have appointed a Mr aNiallator to be the new commander of the AFP. He founder of the AFP Military Unit and has had experience commanding our military in the past.

Thank you Niall for returning to ePhilippines and working to reconstruct our military structure and infuse activity in our national army o7

Additions to P.U.M.A.

We have a few new additions to P.U.M.A. JB commander Indielfi and Eldarion Sionnodel, commander of the newly founded International Brigades (I😎. I know some are skeptic about incorporating our new Turkish immigrants into our society, but they are here now. They may or may not be a PTO group, but what is done is done and we must accept what has occurred from the actions of our congress.


At the start of my presidency eIndonesia declared ePhilippines a Natural Enemy. The explanation to this is quite simple as they have come for what they have always come for, Mindanao's iron.

MaartenW has successfully negotiated an end to the war with eIndonesia and the return of our other regions (Palawan, Luzon & Visayas) through means of RW. Mindanao will stay under eIndonesian control and they will rent that land for 20 gold. It may not seem like alot, but it is much better than total occupation and no rent at all 😉


As of this time Hekter is monitoring "VERY CLOSELY" the national income of our nation. I hope that soon we will have enough information to work on setting new taxes and establishing a national budget for MPPs, the military, and MORE \o/

Links & Activity

Be active

Be an active part of the ePH community and join us in our IRC chat #erep.ph

Write articles 😃 !!! Our news feed is borderline dead. I will personally pay out 100 PHP for every article written starting 11/12/11. They must have something in them!!! That means no articles with just a single sentence or a random picture!

Important Links

Official ePhilippines IRC CHAT : http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23erep.ph&server=rizon.mibbit.org

Official ePhilippines Forums : http://ephilippines.forummotion.com/

Please feel free to contact myself or any member of my cabinet regarding questions and issues you might have.

This article is approved by

Berritas President of the Philippines

Long Live the Philippines o/