[ONE] New beginnings

Day 1,448, 12:17 Published in Poland Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by ONE HQ

Dear friends,

Some battles are won with damage, and others are won in a few minutes, in a few words, in a few channels. This weekend we have seen the election of six CPs to lead the ONE nations. We hope that this month will be a month of glory for all our member nations, and for our close friends and allies around the world.

At the same time we elected new CPs, ONE has elected a new office to administrate and lead the alliance. This represents a break from the past, and an attempt to renew the ONE alliance under new leadership. Although we are a new team, we present a lot of familiar faces to those who are old enough to remember.

We hope to bring new victories to ONE. I myself will be organising the internal reorganisation of our alliance. I hope to increase communication, increase organisation, and increase our collaboration with our allies. My SC will be in charge of making our countries into a single lean mean fighting machine, to demolish our enemies. Together we will create a military and political strategy which will put the ONE boot on the neck of our enemies once again. To those who know us, you know this is no empty threat.

Our new office is as follows:

Secretary General: Iain Keers
Military Commander: Lavcan
Deputy MCs: Unihorn & ios

Together with our members, we will build a new ONE: A ONE which focuses damage; a ONE which is unified under a single command; a ONE which stands together with our allies to present ONE face. I would talk some more about our plans...but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for our good friends in Terra and EDEN. They will find out soon enough.

To win we need the support, strength and activity of every citizen in our alliance. We need people to focus this month on making the greatest month in ONE history. We will march from one end of the world to another. Impossible victories will be snatched from the jaws of defeat. But only together can we do this.

Here is to the greatest month in history

Here is to ONE

Iain Keers