Finland and raw materials

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This is the first time my I publish my newspaper in China, but unfortunately I don't speak Chinese so I'll write in English.

The population of Finland has been steadily growing after the recent babyboom and we're now at almost 4000 citizens.

A nice leap from 700 citizens

We have been able to liberate our country and move the conflict on the soil of our enemy, Estonia, who had been occupying us several times during the past few months. Also, our economy has flourished because of this but it has not grown as fast as the population.

Much better.

One indicator of this is that our raw material prices have increased greatly. To counteract this, we have decreased raw material import taxes to 10% so that it is more profitable for importing. As it stands now, both currencies CNY and FIM are rated at 0.002. CNY is more valuable due to its higher stability, though. But let's get down to numbers:

Weapon&Food raw material prices currently:
Price in China 0.23 CNY
Price in Finland 0.38 FIM (-0.03 ta -> 0.35

If you were to sell 10000 of either raw material in China, you'd get about 2300 CNY. If you wanted gold, you could get 4.6 gold if you sold your CNY for 0.002 gold/CNY. However, there are 33 pages of 0.002 gold/CNY offers - your offer might time out. Alternatively, you could but gold directly from the market, 1 gold = 720 CNY. This would give you approximately 3.2 gold.

If you instead sold your 10000 raw materials in Finland, you'd get about 3500 FIM. Since the currency is still rated at 0.002, you could put your FIM on sale for 0.001 gold/FIM - your bid would be bought fast and you'd get 3.5 gold. Or, you could try selling it at 0.002 and gain 7.0 gold (list of 0.002 gold/FIM offers is 7 pages). In either case, you could make a decent profit.

This market situation might not last very long, but it provides a nice market possibility in which both you and Finland could profit.

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Just food for thought. Thank you for reading!