Belgium-UK Union (part 1 of 2)

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Alright, since there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about this union, I'll post this now. But the full article won't be done until tomorrow or so, not [just] because I'm lazy, but because the interview between Kaleb, Jordy, and I was cut short because both Jordy and I had places to go. People to see........

Monday, to only a few people's surprise, since almost nobody saw it, Belgium declared war on the United Kingdom. When I saw that, my eyebrow immediately popped up. Why the hell would Belgium, population 83, attack the UK, one of the most powerful nations in the eWorld? Do they really want to try out the war module enough to risk(sic) being taken over? I was shocked, so, along with everybody that you saw in my last article, I pm'd Kaleb, president of the eUK, and Jordy Quinto, president of eBelgium. Why weren't their responses, and this war in my last article, you ask? Well, because they asked me to keep it a secret. They asked me not to post their war in my article, so I didn't.

Here's their pm's:

From: Jordy Quinto
RE: War with UK

Dear, Emerick

This is not a real war declaration, it"s a unification of Belgium and the UK. It will be cheaper if I "invade" the UK Kaleb said. We will become part of the UK, as equals and not as foes.

We would appreciate if this doesn"t get leaked before it is done though.

Jordy and Kaleb

From: Kaleb
RE: It

lol no! we are merging with Belgium, that"s what the invasion is about. if you want to do an exclusing interview about that and why we signed an MPP with china send me an email with your questions.

So we made plans to meet in a chat to discuss the union, which we did today. But Jordy had to leave 25 minutes into the discussion, and I left about an hour afterwards. We talked about the reason for the union, the background of it, and how the eUK will acclimate their new citizens to their new country. And pretty good hour, I'd say. I had lots of fun with it, and I hope we continue the end of the interview the same way. I'm about to pm both of them, asking them when they could meet me there tomorrow, and if I get a good response I'll finish the interview that way. If not, I'll do the traditional pm method. Either way, I'll have part 2 up tomorrow.