Day 1,413, 20:04 Published in Philippines USA by Hekter

I do not believe in having an overly huge cabinet, because it does not push for people to stand up and stand out to make a difference, believing that it is someone else’s job in the government. During my administration, if you would like to stand up and do something, just shoot me a PM, and we will work together to get it done, and grow as a country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hekter
In this delicate time a schizophrenic Foreign Affairs administration would be negative, so I will be serving as the lead negotiator with Taiwan in every sense.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Berritas
I hope to help Berritas grow in this field experience by being my right-hand man in the process, and hopefully by the time most negotiations are over he will be able to step up fully into the administration.

Chairman of the National Security Council: Paul Delos Santos
Past 3-term President and forever leader of the Junji Battalion, I have the utmost confidence in PDS to lead the NSC into succeeding the Ministry of Defense as we move into a new era of more efficient, fractionalized military units.

General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines: Jon873
As shown by this campaign, Jon has the energy to breath life back into the AFP, and bring it back to its full potential.

I sincerely hope to receive your vote on the 5th, and step into putting the country back together.